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Looks like they are 'Florsheim Wickham lace up" from the Myer website.@$60 I reckon they're awesome!Pity they look to be back at $159 on the site now!http://gifts.myer.com.au/au_florsheim-wickham-laceup-dress-shoe-in-brown_d_10320.aspx
I had some but left them in a damn taxi in Brasil! (Don't ask...)Good shoe. Look pretty classic too.
PM'd you about the JCrew tie!
Those Church's are amazing. Wish I had smaller feet!
Thanks! Going back to work tomorrow for the first time in 2 years...was just practicing my knots.
So guys...what kind of knots do you tie in your ties? Four-in-Hand Half-windsor Windsor Apologies if this has been covered!
Just a quick recommendation for you fellow Australians. Received a few things from 'Katolan' who offers a proxy service based out of New York this evening. Someone was recommending his work a few pages back. I concur - will be using him again soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Depending which part of Oz you are in you may well be overdressed. In theory a cocktail party is 5 pm for 5.30 pm till 7.00 pm. And it is supposed to be a transition - you are coming from somewhere and going some where - true cocktail parties don't kick on - they finish at 7 pm on the dot and importantly don't serve a full meal - although if you are sneaky you can often scoff enough nibbles to make up a...
Quick question from a noob. Can I wear a dark charcoal suit to a cocktail party? (Blue shirt, dark tie)? Recommendations/appropriate combinations welcome!
How often does MJ Bale have significant sales? I see at the moment they have a bunch of shirts on sale (pretty cheap too), but don't appear to have anything significant on sale (suits, trousers, knitwear). Just going off the website...
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