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So I have a navy self stripe and a dark (DARK) charcoal suit. Next suit - plain navy with no self stripe or a lighter grey? (Both colours work equally well with my complexion). Looking forward to the thoughts of the professionals!
Thanks for the perfect answer fxh!I'm actually working for a guy at the moment who wears short sleeve shirts with ties. Pretty tragic. When we go to meetings people tend to think that I'm the
Just wondering - I could be overanalysing here. How long should my suit sleeve be? How long should my shirt sleeve be? and naturally, the next question is how much shirt sleeve should show under the suit sleeve? Thanks (sorry for the basic questions).
Agreed.Went twice last year. Anything without UGG Boots is dressy. I am not kidding. The trashiness of the place is mindblowing.
Looks like they are 'Florsheim Wickham lace up" from the Myer website.@$60 I reckon they're awesome!Pity they look to be back at $159 on the site now!
I had some but left them in a damn taxi in Brasil! (Don't ask...)Good shoe. Look pretty classic too.
PM'd you about the JCrew tie!
Those Church's are amazing. Wish I had smaller feet!
Thanks! Going back to work tomorrow for the first time in 2 years...was just practicing my knots.
So guys...what kind of knots do you tie in your ties? Four-in-Hand Half-windsor Windsor Apologies if this has been covered!
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