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Don't suppose any of those 7 HB suits are 40s? If so, please let me know! Very, very interested!
Wore my new mid-grey HB Osaka block suit yesterday for the first time. Loving the beltless style. Way cleaner looking than with a belt me thinks! The side tabs are kinda cool too.
Does anyone know where I could buy/look at some decently priced monk strap style shoes in Sydney? Preferably dark brown, but black could work too! Also - anyone ever seen Allen and Edmonds shoes in Sydney? They seem pretty nice and somewhat affordable for my meager budget...
I'm tempted to go to the launch on Thursday night at Macquarie place to through my business card in and hope to win a suit. I'm sure they will get a cast of thousands though.PS. The master tailor - had a chat with him the other day, seems like a great guy.
I went with a grey. Will get a navy down the track I think. Got a really good deal on a Herringbone grey, so I'm pretty happy.What do you mean same cloth? As in you would interchange the pants and jacket so navy jacket, grey pants, grey jacket navy pants etc?
So I have a navy self stripe and a dark (DARK) charcoal suit. Next suit - plain navy with no self stripe or a lighter grey? (Both colours work equally well with my complexion). Looking forward to the thoughts of the professionals!
Thanks for the perfect answer fxh!I'm actually working for a guy at the moment who wears short sleeve shirts with ties. Pretty tragic. When we go to meetings people tend to think that I'm the boss....lol
Just wondering - I could be overanalysing here. How long should my suit sleeve be? How long should my shirt sleeve be? and naturally, the next question is how much shirt sleeve should show under the suit sleeve? Thanks (sorry for the basic questions).
Agreed.Went twice last year. Anything without UGG Boots is dressy. I am not kidding. The trashiness of the place is mindblowing.
Looks like they are 'Florsheim Wickham lace up" from the Myer website.@$60 I reckon they're awesome!Pity they look to be back at $159 on the site now!http://gifts.myer.com.au/au_florsheim-wickham-laceup-dress-shoe-in-brown_d_10320.aspx
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