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How mid do you like your mid?There were a few pairs of 'light to mid' grey flannel trousers with patch pockets at the Herringbone Warehouse in Surry Hills for $99.
I agree...but with the Christmas sales this year bound to be huge after further dismal retail results I am wondering whether he will need to have a smallish sale to compete with all the other suit options.
So - has P Johnson ever had a Christmas sale?
The US / Asia.Sorry I had too...Perhpas try them on in store and buy your size online? I would probably do that.
Are the UK made and Indian made sized the same.Can I safely go to DJs, get my size and then order online from the UK?
Don't suppose any of those 7 HB suits are 40s? If so, please let me know! Very, very interested!
Wore my new mid-grey HB Osaka block suit yesterday for the first time. Loving the beltless style. Way cleaner looking than with a belt me thinks! The side tabs are kinda cool too.
Does anyone know where I could buy/look at some decently priced monk strap style shoes in Sydney? Preferably dark brown, but black could work too! Also - anyone ever seen Allen and Edmonds shoes in Sydney? They seem pretty nice and somewhat affordable for my meager budget...
I'm tempted to go to the launch on Thursday night at Macquarie place to through my business card in and hope to win a suit. I'm sure they will get a cast of thousands though.PS. The master tailor - had a chat with him the other day, seems like a great guy.
I went with a grey. Will get a navy down the track I think. Got a really good deal on a Herringbone grey, so I'm pretty happy.What do you mean same cloth? As in you would interchange the pants and jacket so navy jacket, grey pants, grey jacket navy pants etc?
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