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Did I see a Sydney SF member in the Wynyard tunnel (near the entrance at Kent Street - walking toward the station). Asian guy, brown suede loafers/mocs, sockless with double cuffed jeans, potentially white shirt and mid grey sweater? I've seen the same guy before wearing a grey suit, tie with tie clip and pocket square. Always looking sharp - could be a SFer...
Looks like a great fit. I'll try and find time to get some photos of my first one taken. Do you guys think the insane amount of creasing on the elbow is a product of the low quality cotton, or the oxford weave? (I'm no expert). I find it pretty frustrating to put on a shirt and have it crushed within moments - but I'm curious as to what MT fabrics and at what price point I can avoid the crumpling.
Also received my trial shirt today. So far so good - washing it now to see if it shrinks much. First observations - cloth is great for $19.95 - $39.95 I'd call it 'reasonable'. Thin MOP buttons certainly are thin haha! No problem there though. Button hole stitching is quite average - but again. What do you want for a cheap MTM shirt. Collar seems to be ok. French cuffs are VERY stiff - hoping they soften with a soak and a few washes. Overall the fit is pretty good!...
Which thumb knuckle are we talking about....sounds awfully long. Best of luck.
Any Australians in this thread able to give me an indication on how long it roughly takes a shirt to get shipped the slow way (not expedited). I want to track my order but unfortunately don't read Chinese. For any of you that do, or for the MT reps in here that might be able to read the website - my tracking number is : SXY: 9581081492
http://www.badbags.com/ These aren't exactly 'stylish' but if you want durable then this is definitely it. I have two. The 1.5 and the 3 and use them for travel/gym/weekend trips. They have never missed a beat.
I'm totally keen for pre-sales! Definitely...!
Man I have some APC NS in size 30 and they are awesome...but a word about the thighs - I have 55cm thighs and in the size 30 they are TIGHT. But in the waist they are almost a bit loose.How do you find the thighs in the weird guys?
Thanks for letting me know!
Do any of your faithful Herringbone shoppers know the frequency of their Crockett & Jones shoes being put on sale? I wouldn't think it happens too often...but MAYBE at Christmas? I've asked the store staff at the Warehouse and a few stores around Sydney with not much avail - they want to sell to you right away, understandably.
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