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Did I see a Sydney SF member in the Wynyard tunnel (near the entrance at Kent Street - walking toward the station). Asian guy, brown suede loafers/mocs, sockless with double cuffed jeans, potentially white shirt and mid grey sweater? I've seen the same guy before wearing a grey suit, tie with tie clip and pocket square. Always looking sharp - could be a SFer...
Which thumb knuckle are we talking about....sounds awfully long. Best of luck.
http://www.badbags.com/ These aren't exactly 'stylish' but if you want durable then this is definitely it. I have two. The 1.5 and the 3 and use them for travel/gym/weekend trips. They have never missed a beat.
I'm totally keen for pre-sales! Definitely...!
Man I have some APC NS in size 30 and they are awesome...but a word about the thighs - I have 55cm thighs and in the size 30 they are TIGHT. But in the waist they are almost a bit loose.How do you find the thighs in the weird guys?
Thanks for letting me know!
Do any of your faithful Herringbone shoppers know the frequency of their Crockett & Jones shoes being put on sale? I wouldn't think it happens too often...but MAYBE at Christmas? I've asked the store staff at the Warehouse and a few stores around Sydney with not much avail - they want to sell to you right away, understandably.
Absolutely beautiful Guido. Your style is immaculate. I need to book an appointment with P. Johnson, just waiting for Christmas to get closer so I can justify spending the money on myself!
We wear the same size in HB suits too I really want to buy that mid-grey off you but I already have the same material but with peak lapels and the belt-loop-less side tabs so I can't justify it
Have many of you guys guys got issues with finding shirts that fit? I need a 39cm neck - but a chest that is the equivalent of that on a 41cm neck - by the same token I need 88cm sleeves - but I want a slim fit....basically I'm a mix of multiple sizes... Almost at the point of going MTM...but my budget is not as large as I'd like it to be.
New Posts  All Forums: