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Thanks for the code. I'd like to take advantage of it but before I do could I please get a critique on the fitting of my first shirt from you guys? Would much appreciate all your advice! Overall I'm quite happy with it but thinking about adding 1cm to the cuffs as they are quite tight and hard to wear a watch with. Perhaps also 1cm to the shoulders? But if I add 1cm accross each shoulder will I need to take 1cm off the length of each sleeve? Look forward to your...
As per discussions over the past few days - I bought some Cheaney's a few weeks ago - great quality and fast shipping - been emailing Steve at Herring Shoes with lots of questions too who replies over night. All good to me.Just kicking myself I didn't have the code for the shoe trees when I ordered!I'm actually thinking about the same shoes as you're going to buy so I will use the code this time!
Did anyone get the email from Herringbone today about their MTO shirts? Special offer: Buy 2 get 1 free. I'd be pretty keen if they are sub $225. That being said - I'm still waiting on the said $50 online voucher for signing up to the VIP club...
Thanks Meister, very insightful.If I were to go wider, why would I need to go down half a size? It seems by going wider and incresing the circumference the shoe will be looser but my foot wouldn't become shorter?Hmmm.
Thank you both for your replies. I do appreciate the help.I have not tried the conditioner on the Aquilas as they are very soft to begin with, so I can't see it making a huge difference.My Cheaney Leadenhall's are a 9F...which feel like they have a really nice amount of room (definitely not tight, and they feel great) so I'm not sure I'd want to go down a size for the sake of more width. They feel quite a bit more 'roomy' than the Aquila's do which is probably a reflection...
I've spent the past hour analyzing all my shoes and trying to work out why my Aquilas hurt my right foot but none of my other shoes do. You see, I want to splash out and purchase some Herring Churchill (see link): http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?selectedColourid=1082&brandid=6&catid=43&shoeid=2023&selectedSizeid=0&selectedFitid=0 However I'm concerned that the closed lacing on the oxford style shoe will 'suffocate' my foot a bit and aggravate this annoying...
FXH I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks. Do you mind linking to a picture of said 'nice mid grey' suit that you feel appropriate for weddings? I was originally thinking a navy self stripe - but would rather wear mid grey as I feel the self stripe is a little corporate.
So I bought some Cheaney's a few weeks ago - worn about 4 times now. They seem to be pretty comfortable so far, but I'm wondering if calf leather will soften over time much - they do seem quite 'tough'?
I have a Bayswater Peacoat with the Thinsulate. It's amazing. Worth every cent.
If anyone feels generous enough to send me the code I'd love it as well. Very please with my order and want more!
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