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Thanks for letting me know!
Do any of your faithful Herringbone shoppers know the frequency of their Crockett & Jones shoes being put on sale? I wouldn't think it happens too often...but MAYBE at Christmas? I've asked the store staff at the Warehouse and a few stores around Sydney with not much avail - they want to sell to you right away, understandably.
Absolutely beautiful Guido. Your style is immaculate. I need to book an appointment with P. Johnson, just waiting for Christmas to get closer so I can justify spending the money on myself!
We wear the same size in HB suits too I really want to buy that mid-grey off you but I already have the same material but with peak lapels and the belt-loop-less side tabs so I can't justify it
Have many of you guys guys got issues with finding shirts that fit? I need a 39cm neck - but a chest that is the equivalent of that on a 41cm neck - by the same token I need 88cm sleeves - but I want a slim fit....basically I'm a mix of multiple sizes... Almost at the point of going MTM...but my budget is not as large as I'd like it to be.
Thanks guys. I will ask my local tailor and if he can't do it, will head to M & R on York Street. Cheers
Guys I have a small bit of stitching on the collar of a jacket that has torn through some very fine, soft leather. I would really like to have it repaired. Does anyone know of someone in Sydney that is capable of pretty delicate leather jacket repairs. I've googled around and found a few people advertising motorcycle jacket repairs - but I fear they would be more crude repairs for jackets that have been through accidents.... Hopefully there is someone in Sydney with a...
Fellas,Thanks for all the feedback on bags.I went to Hunt Leather yesterday and had a look at a few bags. I was particularly taken by a really nice Barantani briefcase, and an Il Bisonte 'envelope brief'.Unfortuantely, I don't really want to spend the $995 for the Barantani or the $795 for the Il Bisonte - does anyone know international stockists who sell these at non-Australian inflated retail prices?I haven't had much luck asking my friend Google...
What do you guys carry (bag-wise). Your thoughts on briefcases would be appreciated - I need to carry a bit of lunch and various documents, but nothing too thick - maybe 4-5" thickness. I'm currently carrying a shoulder/messenger back (Oroton...which is quite nice) - but it has no "hand grab" and i'm concerned i'll ruin my suits. I've been thinking about a Filson 256 in brown, do you think that would go well with various suits or is it just too casual. I like the otter...
Interesting feedback. Thanks guys. Looks I won't need to 'time' my purchase
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