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Agree withe the back pocket comment, however I'm sure I'll survive with that. Only current concern is that they may stretch too much.
Mine are tagged 32 inches and measure 34.6 inches....
Thank you - One more question. What do they stretch like in the waist? I was surprised to compare them to my size 30 APC NS and see that the 32 SL-100 waist is exactly the same - is this going to stretch out much? (I hope not...)
I just received my pair of SL 100s in size 32. The inseam is seriously long. Do I need to soak these to get rid of shrinkage before getting them taken up? If so what is the best method for soaking? Cheers
That tan just screams bar stains too me. I have learnt the hard way.
Ew...they don't look so good in the Pediwear photo....
Has anyone got any casual boot recommendations? I want something that I can wear with jeans and chinos. I was thinking the Herring Stratford - quite reasoably priced at 190GBP. Does anyone know of any similarly priced wing-tipped brogue boots. These Grenson's are awesome but unfortunately they're two sizes too...
Hahaha - I read that the first time, saw that 'wear' should be 'where'. Thought to myself "Yeah pretty amusing".Then I read it a second time....LOL.
Wow, didn't mean to open that can of worms... My views on brown shoes: -I don't generally see clients when wearing brown shoes (only a few times that come to mind, one client is let me think..."pastoral". I turned up in brown shoes, chinos and navy sports coat - my boss turned up in a suit without tie - this is in rural Australia...I would say I probably fit in quite a bit better...my thoughts are to dress appropriately for the situation) -I have worn a suit and brown...
The C&J Dark Brown is a very different colour to the mahogany (pictured in my original post).For the Dark Brown Hallam's I use C&Js own brand 'Dark Brown' polish which you can get from Pediwear (shipping is more than the polish if that's all you're getting!).For the Mahogany Herring's I use Herring's 'Mid Brown' polish which they supplied with the shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: