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I'm moving to NYC in January and debating what clothing to bring with me. To Kent/Aaron or any subscribers with experience - If I were to order the Navy nailhead suit with patch pockets, do you think I'd be able to use it as a separate (sports jacket) as well as with the trousers as a business suit? I have a nice navy sports jacket here in Australia, however it really doesn't owe me anything so if I don't bring it and never wear it again then I won't be too upset.
I'm going overseas for a year or two and leaving a few suits behind. Does anyone have any recommendations on avoiding wool moths eating holes in them? Is there an approved way to store them etc? Assuming I come back and haven't put on weight to the point I don't fit - I'd love to wear them again! Cheers.
I tried them on when I was in NYC a few months ago (forgot my size though). Just ordered a pair as I will be heading to New York to live in January also. To answer your question - they seem great to me. Nice leather and soft cashmere inside. I might not be the best person to ask though as I live in Australia where it's hot and there is never a need for gloves...so I don't have much experience with them!
What's the best value price point for Luxire cottons? Is the $59.95 stuff nice? Easy to iron? Or is it worth forking out for the $99.95 price point? Tossing up between a couple of shirts from Luxire or SuitShop so I figure there is no point going for the $149.95 Luxire cottons.
Will you ship to Australia at my cost?
RobNot sure if this has been answered but unfortunately don't have time to read 140 posts.I have a pair of SL-100s and can tell you the following:More room in the thigh than my APC New Standards.Slightly wider leg opening, but not too wide, they are called straight legged but are tapered.I wear size 30 APC New Standards (which have sinced stretched out and measure 33.8 inches. They have been washed once and worn for 2 years intensively).I bought size 32 3sixteens and they...
Looks like my question got missed. Are you guys able to do the Rudy cut in the staple Grey Super 120s wool? As an aside - I have pocket flaring on my Rudy 120s in Navy, don't think it's the waist though - more of a big thigh issue. Never had a pair of trousers that didn't flair at the pockets.
Are you guys able to have these made in the Rudy cut? I emailed you but never heard back. http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-844/Slim-Walt-Trouser-Super/Detail
Thanks for the feedback on shirts - I will give MyTailor a crack. Gotta say I'm jealous of the 15 PJohnson shirts - that's approximately $3500 I can't justify Awesome haha.
Anyone got suggestions for what the next step up is for MTO shirts online after CottonWork is? I ordered a Cottonwork "Leggiuno" fabric shirt for $130 and for that price the quality in stitching and the fabric doesn't have the longevity or feel that Herringbone is offering at $99-$150 these days. I would like to buy OTR Herringbone shirts but they don't fit me as well as they could... Would be greatful for some suggestions. Unfortunately PJohnson at $225-275 a shirt is...
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