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Does anybody have a good recommendation for a spot to find replacement buttons? I just had a couple of the ones on my Eidos FJ crack at the dry cleaner and I wasn't sure where to find a decent replacement option given how large and prominent they are. Thanks! P.S. just received the RG 5-year denim shirt, it's pretty amazing.
It's actually just the waist. There is also some excess fabric wrinkling on the jacket back around the collar, so I wasn't sure if sizing up would have an effect there (or if a tailor could just alter that). Thanks.
I have a quick sizing question. Just got my first Formosa and the pants are pretty tight on the 48. Do you guys think I could size up to the 50 and still have the shoulders fit, or am I better off trying to have the pants let out? My apologies for the mediocre quality of the photos, and thanks for the help:
The wife and I escaped the cold last weekend and hit the bahamas; rocking the linen walts:
Any plans on an orange casentino?
Just want to say the single breasted Veneto arrived and it's awesome. The color is a little darker than the photos (which I really like). I was thinking of getting some sort of quilted jacket before this (Lavenham, Mackintosh) and the veneto just blew them away. Very pleased.
Are the Venetos dropping today?
Is it just me or are the sleeves on the L.B.M's quite long? I have a couple of Bogliolis and found that they tend to vary in sleeve length. I found ones that worked for a my 32/33 arms (in light of the whole working button-hole dilemma)...any chance a different cut of L.B.M with shorter sleeves will be stocked?
Salvatore Piccolo shirt in 15/38. Recent purchase form Frans Boone Store, never worn.
Hey, I have been searching for a raincoat and stumbled upon this Herno one on Yoox: Does anybody know anything about it? I.e. what season this might be from, the quality, the fit...or where it is made/if it is authentic? I know some Herno stuff isn't made in Italy, so i didn't want to risk making a mistake. Likewise, the styling is slightly different from other versions I've seen from...
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