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A leather Fossil wallet from Sears. Been holding well.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Of the people that I've talked to that have read both, every one liked Brave New World better. Yeah. My friends have already read both novels and they said the same thing. I might read The Road instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com/2010...-mongoose.html This is why you don't buy a department store bike. This is about the most simple bike you could make--single speed, basic brakes, 2 wheels....and yet they manage to ship a piece of crap. Imagine if the same bike had been assembled by a walmart employee and not someone very familiar with bikes...do you think they would have tried to figure out what was wrong with...
There's the Magicuts at Guildford Mall in Surrey that cuts for $12 a head. Ask for Tammy/Kimmy/Kammy. Basically the two vietnamese hairdressers lol. I forgot their names(ends in -mmy) but they do a nice clean cut. Then again I'm not that picky. =/
Just finished Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Marvelous read. Will start on 1984 within the coming weeks. I really love dystopian novels.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I think if I were an investor, I'd meet with the off-hours cleaner and janitorial staff before I'd talk to the company staff. Great idea. It's an even better side to the story because the cleaners and janitors don't really need to kiss up or anything like that because the cleaners/janitors work for their own company(well that's the way that my cleaning works). Also, people that get too much attention than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas what are the exposure times on these images? having never seen the AB, I am suspicious that very long exposures are making these look more intense than reality. I might not be referring to the same thing, but AB is accessible almost every night depending on where you live. I used to live in the prairies of Canada and every winter if you gaze up at the sky you would see green curtains glimmering in the sky....
Basically I go to work(i'm a cleaner; like an off hour janitor) and its like the workers there are a bunch of teenagers. I clean two insurance offices. I agree that it's my job to clean up after them, but i just wish they were human about their actions and treated the place and my job with respect. Sometimes the bags are torn everywhere, sometimes theres uncleaned vomit on the ground. It ranges. It just pisses me off how these are adults and they don't even know how...
I hope this isn't too much to ask and no one will be offended(like most are about their salaries/wages), but if you guys okay with admitting your starting wage out of college in your craft, I'm sure it would help not only me but others wanting to know. =D
Would they work with a pair of dark indigo nudies? Or should I get black nudies to go with them? And if I do get the dark indigos, should I let the dye rub off onto the shoes or what?
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