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Thats amazing. nice job!
Get the EVO. If you're interested in an even bigger screen, go for the Dell Streak.
Whenever i go to Sears or Zellers or Walmart.
When ornaments dont come with strings.
I would pass on that. Try making new friends, etc. I know it's tough to leave friends especially when you're older and you developed such a strong bond with them that you may or may not find with other people. Just try opening up more to your coworkers. And you might not find the same stable position you're at right now in terms of money, and peace of mind. When you move out east you'd need to prove yourself once again, adapt to the environment, and on top of that...
I only use hotmail for forums, subscriptions, etc. Generally the more unimportant things. I use Gmail for things like family, school and work.
This guy is a husky x border collie mix. I wish his fur was a bit thicker but it's okay. I like his "sleek spy" look. He really has a keen ear and eye.. one of our most intelligent dogs. Very clever one too. We had to put him on the leash cause the garbage truck was out and whenever the garbage truck comes by he goes haywire. This guy eats anything.. incredible speed when he absolutely bolts it. He catches birds and rabbits most of the time. [[SPOILER]] This girl...
This is a great service. Good luck in the future. bookmarked!
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh What are these? Not sure if that's a serious question but they're the Queens Sk8hi's. Vans if you didn't know.
I've heard good things about Portland public transportation. Transportation here in Greater Vancouver is magnificent.
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