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Are there any health precautions I should note of before doing this? At how many calories would be too much to add to my daily intake? For my overall standings I'm 5'5, 105 pounds and 18 years old. I know. Fuck me. I never cared about my weight before as being skinny was never emphasized in my environment. It was only said if you were fat that you should change, never if you were skinny. I'm looking to gain body fat instead of muscle. I'm extremely skinny and see...
Hows the traction in wet/rainy weather?
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace Are you for reals bro, seriously? Yeah. Where I grew up: Coke meant soda in general, TV meant cartoons and Family Feud, Computer meant monitor and keyboard, School meant education, Dictionary meant words, And shoes meant the shit you put on your feet. Of course there are boots and slippers, but for the all-day-everyday footwear, you referred to them as shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace So you want sneakers or shoes? Erm, shoes that can be worn everyday? Sorry for the confusion, i have no clue what the difference between a sneaker and a shoe is.
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Unbrandeds are sanforized, so they won't get any significant shrinkage from washing or soaking. Ah, thank you. Are they true to size? The reason I'm asking is cause I'm a 27 waist. =/
I know this question has been butchered to smitherines but will Unbranded jeans shrink?
If you're packing dress shoes or any type of shoes as well as casual tees, you can roll up the tees and stuff them into the shoes. It helps my shoes from being flattened on one side, and saves space as well.
Hi, I've been thinking long and hard about my everyday shoe that i'll be purchasing. I want the shoes to be -Leather(like red wings) -Able to be worn to semi-formal parties but still casual enough to be worn everyday. -Works well with beeswax; i'm a leather noob. I got about $110 to spend on the sneakers. Yeah, i know.
[[SPOILER]] vs. [[SPOILER]] i'm stuck.
does the urbanoutfitters in vancouver still have them on sale?
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