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Did anyone else notice a price hike in Clarks Originals? They used to average $110 to $140 in Vancouver, but for some reason I'm noticing online stores are having them for quite a bit more now. Better construction, perhaps? No idea. ie.,,
The things that draw me to N&F are their unique runs of denim. I can't say that about any other denim company. I anticipate their new lines cause they always bring something new to the table.
I'm going to add to the idea that crepe soles are nothing to worry about in the rain. Not in the snow either. Rain comes pretty often in Vancouver and I have not had any problems with my Clarks crepe sole. Even last week when it snowed for the entire week I had no problems. However--at the end of last week it rained with snow still on the ground. That was as bad as it got. I was pretty much ice skating for the best of 400 meters. The bottom line (in my experience)...
How substantial are the vertical lines when fading? I was planning on copping some but I'm not a fan of the crazy vertical lines.
I have no problem spending Christmas with relatives. I also have no problem with doing things like secret santa, gift exchanges, etc. So this year we had Secret Santa. I got my relative who was the same one to set up the gift exchange. About a week before the gift exchange I ended up getting her some cookie cutters and some chocolate cause she likes to bake and shit. It was also this day that she told everyone to post their wishlist online so the person that has them...
Really digging the Hemp Blend Selvedge as well as the new Broken Twills. And oh god.. the more I see of those Indigo Warp/Weft jeans the more I'm determined to get some.
Ah thanks!
where did you find these in vancouver? Did they have a larger selection where you went? No place seems to have Skinny Guy Elephant 2s in stores =/... I've seen WEird Guy Elephant 2s but none in the Skinny Guy cut.
I'm having trouble walking my dog. Often it has been a pack walk. Three dogs at the same time. I would walk the smallest dog, and my brothers would walk the other ones. This used to happen everyday, but since we've been getting older we've had such little time to dedicate to these guys that often taking them out for a walk has been scratched out. I've walked the other dogs but not for long as they often "pull". I know that you gotta be the "pack leader" since I've...
Anybody got a recommendation for hard wax?
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