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These have been worn once but unfortunately it's chafing my ankles so I'll have to sell them. £150 shipped; comes in original box, storage bag and extra set of laces.
Ah sweet, was thinking of getting that but decided it might be a bit too avant garde for me.
If anyone is looking for a daypack, I'm selling one.
Brand new TOJ Daypack. Thick suede, supple leather base and zippers. I no longer need a daypack; thus, I'm selling it. Free shipping in UK; otherwise, buyer covers shipping. £260 shipped. Feel free to PM for additional queries.
Honestly, how does one even have access to their hands with sleeves that long...
Looks great. The shirt underneath looks real cool.
http://tres-bien.com/nike-sportswear/flyknit-trainer-chukka-sf-oliveFull size run mate.
Where is this from? On the subject, what are some brand with good shearling ? Like the Balmain one but so expensive.
Not sure why you post it here but you can try Hunters.
Drop to £100!
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