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can you compare the sizing to a similar shoe? Perhaps the brooks brothers shell penny loafer by Alden? Thanks
ALDEN 6 EYELET CHUKKA 9 D I am looking a pair of the 6 eyelet Alden Chukka in size 9 D. If anyone has a pair they'd like to sell, please let me know. Also looking for the unlined brooks brothers/alden penny loafer, color 8, 8.5 D. Cheers
Nor I. Thanks for sharing that one.In my experience, the LVC stuff does stretch in the waist, but it can take a while.
Yes, only the raw stuff shrinks significantly and permanently. Treated stuff, as you say, will tighten with a wash but always returns to its original form and then gives further.
I can provide an LVC 1870s size medium Triple Pleat Denim Blouse if anyone is looking for one. soaked once, never worn.
Hold for new listing
Hold for new listing
Shoes stamped with R on the bottom or inside are seconds (R is short for REJECT which was the common industry term for items which do not meet standards... Alden is an old company). Only Shoemart carries Alden's seconds; they have a pipeline set up.
this kind of BS should be banned - not in the spirit of the b/s forum.
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