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Shoes stamped with R on the bottom or inside are seconds (R is short for REJECT which was the common industry term for items which do not meet standards... Alden is an old company). Only Shoemart carries Alden's seconds; they have a pipeline set up.
this kind of BS should be banned - not in the spirit of the b/s forum.
measurements? thanks
if these were 9D, i would already be on my way to the wherever they do medical testing for cash
hello i am looking for the denim triple pleat lvc jacket in rigid denim or the duck canvas i need a size medium (or potentially a large if in the duck). new or worn let me know if you have one and want to sell thanks
I have some vintage eyeglasses to sell AMBER TART ARNEL 22 48 - one of the rarest models there is. the going rate for these is over 1000. asking $625 shipped conus I also have a pair of GRAY SMOKE tart arnel in 24 48 and a pair of Brown Smoke tart arnel in 22 46 …. if either of these is of interest to anyone
up for grabs here are two levis lvc items the light spot you see on the pocket is just the light coming in through the window SOLD NWT denim sack coat, sz 38, blanket lined - $219 shipped conus (international shipping welcome) SOAKED ONCE, never worn, denim type i jacket, sz 38 - $129 >> $115 (international shipping welcome) I got both of these at an LVC trunk sale and have never worn either of them the sack is exactly as I received it the denim jacket has been soaked...
two pairs of alden shell cord and suede models alden suede chukka 9.5 D leydon last: $245>> $225 shipped conus (ask for international rates)
is the pair of jeans listed as simply "rinse" the rigid? also, i have a pair of 605 in 31 if anyone is looking
yes, tag is wrong
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