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Hi guys , I've seen a really cool looking Belstaff jacket it's called the Trialmaster deluxe in dark green, does anybody own this jacket as I have only seen it online on a stores website, what do you think? Is it worth the £500 or so or would I be better looking at a similar Barbour jacket for half the cash? I used to own a bel staff jacket about 25 years ago when I had a motorbike, never thought of it as a fashion jacket and regrettably I let the guy have it when he...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rankiz I have tried the RM Williams Craftsman today and want to buy it online. Problem is that I really want it with rubber sole, since we have up to around minus 10 celsius here and snowy weather. I can't seem to buy rubber soled RM williams online, but they had them with rubber sole the store near me. I don't think the store have layed rubber sole themselves on all the RM williams shoes so... Bootsonline can get me RM...
Thankyou skalogre.
Hi all , I'm thinking of buying a pair of RM Stockman boots in chestnut but can't decide on the leather, either the standard yearling or kangaroo leather , does anybody have the kangaroo leather stockmans and possibly a picture of them ?
Attachment 51469 My RM Craftsman boots, left to right, Black Willow Craftsmans with nailed soles. 15 year old Chestnut Craftsmans, brown suede Craftsmans and black suede Craftsmans.
15 Year old RM Craftsmans still going strong.Attachment 50979
yeah I've bought from Barry at bootsonline, as far as I recall I didn't pay any import tax . I'm in the UK , great service from bootsonline , loads of communication as to when the boots were being shipped etc , I'd recommend them.
Hi all , new to the site, just got a new pair of Craftsmans made from willow leather with the nailed soles , they look great , the willow doesn't shine up like yearling leather but it also doesn't scuff as easily. I have a pair of suede Craftsmans in black and a pair in brown , a 15 year old pair of chestnut craftsmans for kicking around in and a pair of Ian harold Brumbys, I will try and post up some pictures.
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