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http://www.adamoflondon.com/ Worth a look, I believe.
That is one beautiful jacket, if you can remove the straps. And yes, it seems that Brioni used to do some really out there garments back then. I think there are some old threads about some cowboy/western inspired suits and jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by allreds Stella - available in 4 stroke Less power, but way less cash, and it doesn't look like a Chevy Avalanche. Is that a rebranded or licensed LML Star?
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl this is not a "Vespa"... it's a scooter with auto transmission. +1 My best friend had a GTS 250. Saw the light, sold it, then got a PX 200, and then a Rally A friend of my girlfriend's also got a GTS about 6 months ago. And he has now asked me to find him a classic, preferably a Rally or a Sprint. Quote: Originally Posted by KnowYourRights Disclaimer: I don't know how much riding...
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 oh wow. where can i get me some of those? If you want to give a 4" point collar a try, check out DNA Groove. Remember, because of the roll, the collar won't look as long.
Guardiola is amazingly lucky to have players like Xavi and Iniesta, whose style is reminiscent alot of his own back in '94. They are perfect for transforming his vision of the game into actual football.
Messi is sick, but last night belongs to Xavi.
Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly I stopped in the Talbott shop in Manhattan earlier in the month looking for socks (I too had scored numerous pairs from NR) but the salesperson informed me that they no longer make/offer them. This cessation of production may indeed have prompted the mass sell off to Nordstrom Rack that benefitted so many SFers. I hope she was misinformed. I love those socks. Then it was good I got that last batch of...
OTC, preferably some solids or conservative patterns in cotton, and pretty much anything in wool. Would love some argyles, or colours like burgundy and purple.
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