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I know this is a shot in the dark, especially with the $150 budget I've got, but I'm looking for a pair of brown AE Strand, Park Avenue, McTavish, or Elgin shoes. Medium width. Trying to get shoes for my wedding.
I'm looking for shoes to wear at my wedding. It's a casual-ish barn wedding, so I'm in a navy Ludlow suit in that chino fabric, and I need some brown shoes to wear with it. I love the AE Strand in the walnut, and in a perfect world I'd be able to afford them at retail. Possibly the McTavish or Elgin too. But I can't afford that much, so I've been looking on ebay for a pair. Here's the catch: I wear a size 13 in those (tried on a retail pair at Nordstrom the other day) and...
Oh, never mind then. I thought the jeans themselves said "selvage" but when everyone started spelling it the other way I figured I must have been wrong.
Sorry about the misspelling of selvedge. I should have seen that. Yeah, I figured they wouldn't be great quality based on the brand, price, etc. but thought someone here might have heard something about them. Guess I'll stick with my Levi's.
Anybody know anything about these new Converse Selvage Jeans at Target? They've got a nice plain dark wash that fits pretty slim and looks good on me, but I'm wondering about the quality. For only 40 bucks I'm not expecting anything great, but that seems like such a low price for dark selvage denim that I'm wondering if it's worth it anyway. FWIW, I only pay about 50 bucks for my usual jeans (Levi's 501s or 514s), so the $40 price for these Converse jeans is near my usual...
This is my most recent tattoo. It's my sixth one and my biggest so far. I've wanted to get a sort of old-school flash tattoo for a while, and this one has a lot of family and personal meaning in it. The swallows are a traditional sailor tattoo, and my grandpa on my mom's side was in the Navy in WW2. Swallows are also known for traveling long distances but always returning to their home, and tradition says if you die swallows will carry your soul to heaven. The banner...
You don't want to do that. Why would you look like a douche on purpose?
Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista inner biceps isnt bad at all..the ones on my chest were the worst! The ones on my forearm were the easiest. The two on my chest hurt, especially the closer it got to the sternum, but the absolute worst was the one I have on my side from just under chest level down to my hip. It's over ribs almost the whole way, and then when my guy got down to the hipbone it was almost unbearable.
Shouldn't be too bad then, pain-wise. I've got one on each arm there and they were my least painful, actually. And it's an easy spot to reach for cleaning. Good luck!
Your artist will give you instructions about when and how to wash it, what kind of lotion to use, etc., especially if this is your first one. If he tells you to use a lotion you can't find, though, I've got 6 tattoos and unscented Lubriderm has always worked perfectly for me. If you follow washing and lotion directions and are careful, healing is a pretty fool-proof process. Just treat it like you would a scab. Keep it clean, let it breathe, don't pick at it, etc. ...
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