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IMHO 310s are a unique last and a characteristic look. No boots look quite like it (maybe closest is White's on the swing last if you build it right). And those roughouts look damn good with army green chinos.
Maiden voyage for mogano shell cordo Tricker's... would like brass eyelets, but these are nice for a change. W2298 last is sleeker than the pics might indicate. It's a little dressier than what I usually go for.
310 in shell would be surprising and an interesting nod to how shell used to be used.
Tempest, meet teapot.
What if someone paid a lot of money for gear someone else didn't like? The very thought of it, on a forum for expressing taste and dissecting such differences, is worrisome.
For suits I would actually recommend Alden over Viberg. Possible exception for the calf derbys on 2030.
Yes, as you've made clear when exclusively posting to plug luxace... hmmm.
IMHO proof that fake patina can make even great shoes look terrible.
Oh, that's a little different, considering shell is difficult to work with and they re-made them for you. I can see that being a spirit of the game foul to a family-owned company.
Yeah that is really odd. What's the story?
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