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Holy shit shoemart just made their seconds list searchable and purchasable through their website. Check your email.
Some sweet Aldens in there.
Me: "Can you take a few pictures of my new Tricker's boots?" My wife: "Why, are you going to sell them in 5 minutes?" She may be on to me....
Time to resurrect that thread...
I'll need a high-resolution microscope scan before I can make the determination.
"....please leave a stack of money at the door."
True enough! As far as I can tell, back in the day you bought footwear based on the type of last that fit your foot... rather than trying different sizes to get the right fit on whatever last you thought looked best. The phenomena of buying lasts because of appearances (they are "sleek" or whatever) seems more recent. For example Alden's modified is an orthopedic last. Now people seem to like it for aesthetic reasons.
Good to know I'm not alone! 3rd icon is correct. Tricker's have been difficult, mainly since I got it in my head that I could go down a half size and wear thin socks. A 9.5 is just not comfortable to me... too tight in the vamp and heel. A decade ago I was more of the #menswear mindset where you have to get the closest possible. Lately have found I can't wear the 9.5s for long periods or with anything but super thin socks. Plus I've been wearing my other boots with thicker...
Still trying to get my size right on 4497 last... used to wear thinner socks and thought a 9.5 was right, now I'm wearing thicker ones and prefer a fit I can walk in, 10 might be best. So frustrating.
Tricker's x Endclothing waxy cuba trail shoes size 9 1/2 UK on the 4497 last. I am the second owner. Selling because they don't quite fit like I hoped so they haven't gotten much wear. General advice is to "size down" a half size from your US brannock. However, some prefer a full size for a closer fit with dress socks. In other words, depending on your fit preference, these would fit a "true" US 10 - 10.5. Please be sure of your fit in 4497 last before purchasing. Cool...
New Posts  All Forums: