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My Saddleback "Old Bull Belt" just arrived today and it is bad ass and 1.75". http://www.saddlebackleather.com/old-bull-belt-75-wide
Amaretto looks interesting, like a reddish "british tan."
Have not noticed much shrinkage with the ISC work shirt, tho the fabric is rough to break in. In any case suggest going with the larger size. The online measurements are somewhat deceptive because they are cut so trim. I have an XL and typically wear large ideally w/around 22.5" p2p.
If anyone is a size 12 UK it's your lucky day.
Just partially so.
Good choices. Acorn and marron are IMHO the most characteristic colors for the Tricker's brogues. Unusual but not outlandish, versatile too.
You and me both! The 4-eyelet version I have is sick.
Those went insanely cheap. If they had been a half size large would have been on it.
Annoyingly, Viberg boots on the 310 last are often not listed with widths. It's taken Linafelt insisting there are two widths (and me initially denying it) to even figure out the D and E situation.
The question of width of 310 lasted boots has come up a few times, so took a comparison shot of the 310 in D width (brown CXL on left) vs. E width (copper task on right) in same size (10). By sole width, the E last is about .25" wider at widest point, but it really changes its look. The D width looks almost like a Redwing Beckman in the toe box, while the E width looks much chunkier. (say hi to Sammy the cat, aka Samson aka "Tank")
New Posts  All Forums: