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They are solid everyday shirts in a variety of fabrics. But I can see how they would be boring for some SF posters. For $50-75 they are alright I suppose. Not really buying them these days.
Why are you obsessing? A crappy jacket at 55% discount is still a crappy jacket.
Yes I can't imagine why nobody else wants to post on this thread.
You won't find a proper leather jacket for < 100.
So when are you going to post a WAYWT pic, Louie?
Clark's? Just buy a new pair. They're cheap.
You won't regret spending $50 on quality shoe cream and a horsehair brush to take care of your $800 boots.
You missed the point.
Could we keep this thread for discussing the custom makeups and not bickering or general Viberg talk? Thx.
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