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The factory shop has a lot of one-off and weird things listed. It may be a very limited run or test production.
Interest check on this pair of boots - debating selling these to buy another pair of Vibergs. These are the same make sold by Cultizm for $900+ and previously owned by the co-founder. The Danite sole has been professionally added and looks really nice. The right boot is .25" longer than the left boot. It is not a big deal, but please be aware. I have worn these about 6-7 times, so they have hardly been worn. Just the start of a patina coming through. 310 last, brown...
Feel like I've seen these wrinkled-toe boots before floating around...
Too many brown boots? NEVER THAT!
Sorry mixed up the Blue Collar Garage Boot (mocha) with the Blue Collar Shit Kicker (black oil). They're really similar just different leather.
Sure! It's oil tanned black leather. Super thick and tough. In the year I've had them they have barely broken in. Maybe the only pair of Vibergs I've owned that have taken any breaking in time at all. Since it's a dyed-through leather I wouldn't imagine it patinas quickly, if at all.
These are awesome boots, I wear mine at least once a week.
Looks normal..
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