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Thx, I was thinking of dubbing them to darken the CXL. But they might really be the same shade of navy and be too matchy-matchy. Now just want to leave them be and see what patina emerges!
That would be too bad! Here's an unboxing of my new pair of retro oxfords.Conceptually I wanted a pair of shoes that wore like boots: substantial heel, noticeably round toe, vibram sole (holleur @linafelt). I went EE with these so I could wear thick socks with em and have plenty of room in the toe box. I could have probably gotten away with E, but these are really comfy right out of the box. My only comment is that I hope the leather doesn't stretch so that the leather...
Once a year, if that, given supply issues.
Nope. The damage shown is a little more than a surface scuff that can be buffed out with conditioner and a little TLC. Once the full grain is gone you can only try to hide it. If you can live with it that's cool but there's no magically bringing back the top layer.
Hate to say it but that boot looks kinda toast. You're into the middle of the leather there... the whole top layers is gone.
Here's the makeup:Retro Oxford by White's Boots• Leather: Navy Chrome Excel by Horween• Toe Cap: Leather Toe Cap (only available on plain toe style)• Hardware: All Nickle Eyes• Heel Base: 90 Degree Blocked off Heel (Traveler)• Sole: Vibram 430 Mini Vib• Sole Trim: Close Trim
Just got a FedEx tracking # from bakers for my custom White's oxfords. Going to be a long week waiting!!
Doesn't sound so dire. In fact it makes sense now that Viberg is moving into dressier shoes to go with a goodyear welt. Something to keep on eye on when ordering though for sure... I def prefer stitch down.
I just find reddit sucks all the fun out of the things I enjoy.
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