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That would be @linafelt who came up with the fantastic makeup. It's a half-sole work oxford similar to those in the Japanese market. No relationship to the band or, uhm, racism.
I foot'nt go there.
Yeah I gotta say, this year looks like it had better stock than the previous one.
So nobody went to the sample sale because of sprinkles? Someone has to be able to check in here with some pics!
Periscope please
The 4444 last is notoriously tricky. I have given up on it.
Yeah they look great. I would pick up but I already have two Vibergs on the 110 and a pair of white's semi-dress boots that are nearly identical. Some days I wish I had the salary of some of you guys, but most days I remember that I'm lucky to be able to buy even a few pairs.
MOVED to ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112009442284
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