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What is your size in brannock or Alden lasts (like Barrie)?
Uhhhh if your knuckles are "crunching" they are too small. Have you tried a 10.5? Also try posting in the Viberg thread... http://www.styleforum.net/t/224463/viberg-boots
I believe they switched their sourcing for shell and are limited to #8 and black. It's a bummer but not a total surprise. The quality of their shell over the last few years has been just okay.
Extending my shoe trees so couldn't resist taking a family shot. Not included: 4 pairs of sneakers (Buttero, Epaulet). Clockwise from upper-left (L to R across the top, then R to L across the bottom). Viberg 310 cap-toe boots in copper task w/danite White’s plain-toe semi-dress boots in natural CXL, traveler heel & vibram sole Viberg 2040 plain-toe boots in nut brown w/commando White’s plain-toe semi-dress boots in dark black/brown, slant heel & vibram sole Viberg 110...
Last chance this weekend. Putting on ebay early next week.
Guess you'll have to go naked.
Holy shit shoemart just made their seconds list searchable and purchasable through their website. Check your email.
Some sweet Aldens in there.
Me: "Can you take a few pictures of my new Tricker's boots?" My wife: "Why, are you going to sell them in 5 minutes?" She may be on to me....
Time to resurrect that thread...
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