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The price seems really high for a boring boot, unless you are really into the dust black color. Kind of interested to head up and handle them in-person...
10D list
I've sworn off TS lately due to sizing issues but the camel washed duck canvas jacket looks pretty sweet. Too bad the sleeve length is 24"???
This isn't SUFU where you bump threads every half-hour. Also you'll get a better response asking here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/164402/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-ask-all-quick-questions-here/15945#post_7348867
Yeah guys, why aren't you working over labor day?
This is particularly odd because, in my experience, Trubalance last can accommodate a higher volume foot than Barrie.
With those big cuffs right now you'd better get on over to ironheart! Second the rec for Railcar.
This may be obvious, but you could always post only to one.Use the force, Luke.
I still like the 2040 toe a little more, but realize I'm totally outnumbered.
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