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If only there was some kind of forum for sharing information about style, with a thread dedicated to Viberg...
110 last with semi-structured toe. It doesn't look "blobby" just more like a proper workboot.
Also just a note about the oiled black, it's a serious dyed-through workboot leather, like red dog. The thickest leather boot I currently own. Stiff soles, too, from the commando sole. This pair will take some time to break in!
Breaking in the black oil boots with some light yardwork.
I'm talking more about the aesthetics and quality of the clothing. TS was a little more interesting a few years ago when it was more difficult to get shirts in flattering fits and (mildly) interesting fabrics. Nowadays J Crew and mall brands all have slimmer cuts and similar selection of fabrics. Correct me if I'm wrong but TS doesn't go out of their way to source unusual fabrics like say Epaulet, nor is TS particularly consistent in their sizing. Instead TS seems focused...
So not controversial. Isn't Taylor Stitch about indistinguishable from say J. Crew at this point anyways?
General recommendation is to stay with same size as Alden Barrie (so, 1/2 size down from Brannock) on 2030. Two exceptions come to mind: 1. you have a low-volume foot. 2. you like putting shoes that are too small up on the marketplace. The 110 and 310 are far roomier (EEE/E) and I could see going down a full size from Brannock on those for some people *if* your foot is slightly shorter and low-volume. I tried to go a full size down on the 110 and the pressure on the vamp...
Oh the burn.
Brilliant advice, to intentionally buy shoes that are too small.
I give you a week.
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