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Just ordered the cromo lows in mocha. Although I did get FOMO because the lighter saddle was sold out in my size. Oh well, snooze & lose, life goes on...
Very lightly worn pair of Tricker's Bourton shoes for sale. Lots of life left, worn around ten times. See pictures, they tell the story, very little heel wear. Size is 10.5 ****US**** not UK. I'd say these fit TTS with a wide foot bed. Price = $200 $185 via paypal. Price includes priority mail shipping within the US. Overseas, just ask. Shoe trees not included.
Infrequently worn pair of tan Alden longwings for sale, size 10 D Barrie (generally recommended for 10.5 D Brannock size). These are the made for J. Crew model. Heel pad still not compressed, plenty of life left. Worn maybe 15 times, but not in the last year or so because I've rarely worn longwings. Been gathering dust in the closet. In overall good shape - pics tell the story. Please see light discoloring in broguing on left shoe. Lower price due to this minor issue,...
Getting a little grumpy at the grip and flippers listing Vibergs.
I LOL'd a bit at "extremely dramatic drop" graphics... FlyingGiraffes you're talking about their arch-ease support. It's not for everyone. If you have flat feel for example. There is also the possibility you have sized incorrectly and the support is hitting at the wrong point on your foot.
Damn, definitely envious! Have enough pairs but wouldn't turn down a pair of horsehide service boots or derbys in 10.
Yeah, would be interested in proxy for size 10s with leather/commando/danite soles (no wedge), or if ppl picked up boots that don't work out... (GYW guidi calf or oxfords?)
The grain on nut brown isn't as noticeable as it initially appears in pics of new pairs. Breaks in really nicely.
Great pickups, total steal!The "bison" boots look like the nut brown service boots in a darker color...http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/service-boot-derby-brown-nut
I am jelly over jp2k1's 310 last boots, tho you should add eyelets! This sample sale looks far stronger than the previous online ones, BTW...
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