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Yeah those are really nice. Need to really wear mind walking/hiking a bunch to get them worn in.
It's a fine sole. My Vibergs with commando soles are quite comfortable. Its lack of demand probably has more to do with aesthetics than functionality.
Uh, buy clothes that you can actually zip/button.
YES PLEASE! Can't wait for mine to arrive...
Worn stock semi-dress boots in brown dress.
@kenucklehead The first thing that came to mind from the pic was crockett & jones. I had a pair once... they were a little dressy for me, but would probably fit the bill for you.
Don't buy White's. They're work boots. Modified versions (lowered heel) risk looking odd. There are a lot of other brands that do boots more similar to your pic.
FWIW 2040 is my favorite last: a proper boot look, slightly rounded toe while still relatively modern.
Latest progress pics from copper task boots on 310 last. Love the burnished patina...
New Posts  All Forums: