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Viberg? Not for a few years. The Styleforum GMTO program is kind of the last way to do it.
Mainly UK sales & retricker on ebay.
The exchange rate for dollars to pounds has been great for my closet. Not great for my wallet. I really can't resist Trickers for $250-300.
Huh, hadn't heard of em. Limited info online. The one boot on their website looks like a straight clone of the 1000 mile boot?
Looking good! Love the color of the mocha roughout, and the 2040 last is really underrated.
Not *that* boring...
There may be certain, uhm, trademark issues with that one.
I like GBV in a "boring shirts I wear to teach" way. Wish they had more SS shirts that weren't of the "fun, playful" variety with surfing girls and stripes.
The colored brogue boots are so characteristic of Tricker's. Not my thing personally anymore, but they are amazing. I probably post a version of this same sentence every time someone posts a pic like the above...
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