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Sometimes the classic models are still the best.
Those look great for just a year of wear. Love how CXL gets a more saturated color and burnished with time.
Yeah. Plus, remember different lasts used to be preferred for different feet. They served practical purposes. The whole idea of picking lasts because they look a certain way and then trying to figure out what size you are in it is a relatively new phenomenon. Some lasts just don't work for certain feet.
My experience is same as Raneleigh... I wear a 10 D in White's semi-dress and Barrie, and a 10 in all Viberg lasts.I have tried both 110 in 9.5 and 10. Found the 110 in 9.5 wide enough across the ball of the foot but painful across the vamp and tight in the heel with thick socks. I size for width more than length, so my feet were just short enough. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has sized down a full size from Brannock on the 110 last, but it didn't work for me, so...
Done. Shelled out for Linafelt's work shoe. It's going to be amazing!
White's > OSB. OSBs run TTS, semi-dress run one size large (so size down 1/2).
I'd say the toe of the BCSK is about 1.25" off the ground at the tip. It's a slight lift but no way as dramatic as the 310. Incidentally, I find the 310 to be the easiest last to walk in, at least for my foot, given the upturned toe.
Someone buy the pair in size 10, I need another pair of boots like a hole in my head right now.
Oh goodie.
Yeah we should definitely have a Viberg FAQ at this point. Feels like at least once a day someone asks about last sizing.
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