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(Looks in mirror) Too much Navy? Hmmm... (puts on blue hat) Top to bottom Epaulet leather suede cap J.S. Homestead shirt Rogue Territory ISC shirt-jac Epaulet navy CXL belt Railcar jeans White's semi-dress boots in navy CXL (unseen) J.S. Homestead navy socks
Navy CXL semi-dress boots arrived just in time for all navy everything day.
Yeah, nasty bit of wear. Does not look like a defect tho particularly after 2 years of wear. None of my Tricker's has leather going up to the top. Suede is more delicate than other leathers. Sometimes shit happens with footwear. If you get a strip of smooth leather over the top of the damage it should be not visible.
Those navy shell monkey boots are sick, particularly for the price!
Have been pleased with what White's ebay has on offer but their pictures are... not great. You have to already know what you're buying.
This is what credit cards are for.
Just snagged a pair of semi-dress boots on ebay, cap-toes in navy cxl. Giving my stock dress brown pair a break after years of service... I think I've had them since 2009 or so, they were one of the first pairs of decent boots I bought! I hope White's doesn't have many other interesting pairs in my size stashed away for ebay... my bank account couldn't handle it!
White's retro oxfords up for sale. These are quite rare since White's limited producing them for the domestic market. They have been worn only twice, so are in excellent used condition, 9+/10. The only issue to speak of is rubbing on the CXL tongue from the eyelets - this isn't visible when worn. I would keep them but they are a half size too large for me. Here are the specs. Base price was $549 through Baker's. Retro Oxford by White's Boots • Leather: Navy Chrome Excel...
Pair of Alden Kudu "Indy boots" in size 10 B/D. Stamped with an (R) on the inside. I wore these as work boots but they still have a lot of life left in them - heels are hardly worn and the leather is in overall good shape. Low price is due to two issues. One is the start of separation of the welting. This is easily fixed with some rubber cement - heck I can even do the fix for you, if you like. The second issue is a deep nick on the right toe. These would be awesome boots...
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