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Yeah they look great. I would pick up but I already have two Vibergs on the 110 and a pair of white's semi-dress boots that are nearly identical. Some days I wish I had the salary of some of you guys, but most days I remember that I'm lucky to be able to buy even a few pairs.
MOVED to ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112009442284
MOVED to ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/142006451728
Nice patina you got there.
Don't feed this troll he just starts up rando threads and gets huffy when he doesn't get instant answers.
It's a tough question because it comes down to preference and UK sizes don't exactly alight with US. IMHO, go with Barrie size on 4497 & 2298 if you prefer a little more room, wear thick socks, or have a slightly irregular foot shape/volume. Go with .5 down from Barrie if you prefer a closer fit, have a normal foot shape/volume and wear thin socks. Fitting 6 is wide, like an "E" width, while fitting 5 is more like a "D" width, so adjust if necessary.
I agree. The 2298 last is far sleeker, but for most feet it probably would be the equivalent as 4497.
Can we just start a "strictly welts" thread and get it over with?
Two-tone brogues are not my cup of tea these days but I can see the appeal. Also if anyone is disappointed with their 110 aged bark chukka in size 10 give me a holler.
I thought purple bags at least were for shell cordo?
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