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The perfect reply when nobody answers your question in under an hour.
Awesome news!
Let's not start up with CXL-gate again please...
You know what's crazy? Leather is the skin of an animal. How wild is *that*?
Man, I just might spring for a pair of swing last boots...
You don't say?
LA Guy: +1 on shell being overrated. Understatesman: they're all gone. CatKillah: Vibergs shouldn't be painful on first wear. Did you size correctly? What type of leather?
I find it kinda crazy people who just found out about Viberg a year or two ago now know they should best run their business. They don't owe you stitchdown shell boots at sample sale prices. Their job is making and selling boots. If that involves using different construction techniques and reduce wasted labor & returns, they'll probably do that. I'd be sad ***IF*** the stichdown was on the way out, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Bad ass.
New Posts  All Forums: