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Will post pics. I hope the cxl is on the darker side. I may condition to get them darker if not.
With the black oil... no conditioning for a long while I suspect these can take a beating right out of the box!
Standard kind of thing for me. Obligatory crappy bathroom pic. Taylor supply shirt Custom vest by circleavintage on etsy Universal works jacket Kicking mule belt Railcar jeans White's semi-dress boots in natural CXL Warby glasses
Still waiting, should be any day now. Kyle quoted 6-8 weeks -- lead time is slightly longer than usual custom.
I agree about the narrowness. IRs have never been comfortable to me. One reason I moved to White's to begin with.
Yup, that's the style for you. There's lots of amazing Japanese gear I can't stuff my 6'3 frame into for the life of me. Just kills me because there's some great stuff out there.
Edwin is good for the price. Picked up a FW 2013 suede rider jacket and always get compliments on it.
I'm always amazed when people who spend $500 on a pair of boots balk at the thought of spending $5 more for high quality product.I use Saphir, VERY light treatments only as the boots need it. Maybe every six months.Never had trouble with their neutral cream or renovateur darkening natural CXL or other light leathers.
New Posts  All Forums: