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It's just an option. They have't "gone to goodyear welt."
Very rare and beautiful. Nice to see cordovan being used on work boots, as it once was all the time!
Outstanding. This thread could do with more pics of banged-up boots!
There's no way to predict, but I seem to remember mostly smaller sizes in previous sample sales. I'm a 10 and couldn't find much. Also guys previous Viberg sample sales were, well, sample sale-y: odd materials, uncertain models, some aesthetic issues from being "seconds", in addition to not having full size runs.
Yup. I prefer the stitch-down construction too. But it's hardly surprising that they would explore different types of construction. Brett has already shown himself to be really forward-thinking so far as connecting with the streetwear world, and Viberg has started to explore different types of builds outside of the standard work boot (see: oxfords, the range of sample sale footwear, Linafelt's work oxford). Goodyear welting is still respectable, and it's just one option...
This is kinda old news to the board and hasn't led to any drop in quality so let's not start weird rumors....
That would be awesome. Particularly if you can retain a chunkier boot-like look in an oxford.The toe can be a little less rounded but keeping the substantial heel and four eyelets (rather than, what, 6 for dress)?I'd definitely order another pair.
I have to agree. It's not a good sign for the White's MTO program, moving forward. However, not entirely unusual -- Red Wing, Viberg, all have Japan-only models.
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