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Olive chromepak leather. Hot stuffed waxy finish leather that is between an olive and brown. Really nice, now sadly unavailable.
Start a new thread, this is for Viberg...
Big issue with flying for me is swelling of the feet. For this reason I prefer the wide footbed of my White's semi-dress boots. They also have speed hooks for easily going through security.
Surprised they're still here. The darkened sides look like what happens to natural CXL, well, naturally over time.
Now $45 each, $85 for both shipped priority.
Black cherry White's retro oxfords size 10D with a minor blemish. The exact specs of my custom make-up: black eyelets, block heel, black cherry lined with glove leather. Unless there is a huge coincidence this is probably a reject from my order.... a great deal for someone... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Whites-Boots-Retro-Oxford-Black-Cherry-Water-Buffalo-Leather-size-10-D-/261705791631?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3ceee1788f
I agree, it may be a look that works with a minimalist aesthetic but whole cuts are not for me either.
People seem to think sole size corresponds with internal size, which as you say, is totally untrue.The other thing is providing measurements acts as a kind of insurance for sellers against buyers who complain.I know that's kind of weird, given my first statement, but it's really more to do with ebay bizzarro world.
I can't wait to hear this story.
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