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I'd need to check but pretty sure my White's out-weigh my Vibergs just based on sheer amount of leather & rubber.
I know, it's behind the 310 last.2030 is really not my thing, tho I own one 2030 boot
I'm sold on Linafelt's work shoe but the navy Latigo will be really nice as well!
Not unheard of.* * = coming soon... a slew of "OMG Viberg is overrated look at these 1mm converged stitches!" posts...
Latigo is a solid leather for a work boot. Fairly supple, durable, without as much pull-up effect that seems to irk the anti-CXL crowd.
110 is EEE width so 10.5 probably.
This make needs to happen!
That bottom pic looks amazing to me. The cool effects are part of the fun of getting full-grain leather!
I know folks are bummed they missed out, but IMHO there are few waxed flesh models out there. We could do something more unusual and fun. My vote so far is still with Linafelt's work shoe on 110. Barring that, a boot on the 310 is certainly tempting...
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