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This is awesome news! Thanks for doing that.
That is one gnarly pair of crepe soles.
If you put your size in the search ("10") it will return both listings with size in the title (single boots) and auctions for multiple pairs of the same boots available in that size (but without the size in the title).
Unglazed navy up, not sold out in first 30 seconds. https://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/derby-boot-unglazed-navy-shell-cordovan?variant=28879117384
I like the *idea* of the soles. But they look disproportionate to the uppers, particularly with the unstructured toe. Like someone put monster truck wheels on a Honda Civic.
As far as I understand it shell cordo is no longer an option. They used to do #8 as an option at a pretty hefty upcharge.
That would be awesome. The "retro oxford" never fit me right, but the ones above with the full gusseted tongue and narrower toe box are just amazing. I bought the #8 CXL pair in size 10 and would definitely buy a second pair.
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