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You gets no butt, dawg.
Anybody know the story? I still like them, but over the last few years has gone up in price while collections got increasingly more boring.
Yup, mine get worn or they hit the auction block. Only have 12 boots/shoes with 3-4 more casual sneakers. Most of my friends think I have a serious problem. I should send them pics of some of your closets!
BTW I think I was high earlier and mixed up the boots. Thought the Truman was Barrie.
tl;dr, don't be an ass about the horse butt.
I was into Truman until I saw these pics that make them look "sleek." Bleh.
You're right. Filson is kinda boring.
Yeah well... despite his username, being understated never seems to be a priority. I mean, major leather vendors actually do sourcing & assembly (Saddleback comes to mind) in Mexico.
Search this thread and/or google Barrie last. http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/114510#post_8038257
Someone is so pissed his moms cleared out his closet.
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