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I would pick up another pair on the 2040 last, but Viberg seems to use that last only infrequently on country derby style boots. Current lineup of Viberg: Viberg 2040 plain-toe boots in nut brown w/commando Viberg 2045 (I think) cap-toe 145 oxford in brown CXL w/ripple Viberg 310 cap-toe boots in copper task w/danite Viberg 310 plain-toe boots in brown CXL w/danite Viberg 110 plain-toe boots in black oil w/commando (Styleforum GMTO) Viberg 110 plain-toe work oxfords in...
"Mohawk is a “flesh-out” suede, tanned to highlight the natural vein marks on the reverse side of the skin. "
Prob. only made a few of them. The color is interesting, a little... yellow? Maybe it's the pic they uploaded.
It's personal preference. Some people think chambray is overdone, others don't like the texture of linen. Just try a few things out.
Living in southern CA, going SS with a lighter fabric is the general move once it reaches 80 degrees or so. Don't think I've ever heard anyone ask "hey why are you wearing short sleeves?"
I really wish I got some more butt.
Finally dropped: Unionmade extra 20% off sale items with EXTRA20
I was expecting the classic story of buying Tricker's International, which are utterly ghastly knockoffs.
My bad, you're right. I noticed the shell boots were on 4444 last, which is also wide, so hopefully advice still holds...
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