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I totally agree. If you like this look, the 310s are the boots for you. (however also check out White's boots in the C461 last as a less expensive alternative)As to why they're hard to find, my guess is that 310s simply don't sell as well as the sleeker lasts with a collapsed toe that are currently in style. They could make those 24/7 and they'd sell out constantly. It's just the ebb & flow of style.
Wow, toe on 1035 looks like a soft toe on say an Alden blucher. Definitely prefer the 110, personally.
These are the ones I'm personally interested in, made by White's.
Very cool. Hadn't really thought about mid-cut boots. Main issue is been burned a few times on sizing ordering from Japan and am a little gun shy.
Not that I'm surprised, but this post doesn't make any sense after your previous one.
Nice. Not a huge fan of the cork sole tho.News of sale to Danner might be enough to get me to push my order for oxfords through on the sooner side.
They've been selling under whitesriver on ebay since 2005, and there hasn't been a price cut lately.
Unless something pops up in the Viberg sample sales, probably splashing out on a pair of white's oxfords. Thinking #8 CXL, close trim, block heel, nickel eyes.
Ditto here. I'm a 10 barrie and bought a 9.5 in the 110 last... I think I'd go up to 10 if I bought it again, even though after breaking in it's a decent fit. A little tight on the vamp and like you said a little short. I am really more of an E width so tend to size for width and come up a little short in length so I can get away with it.
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