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$700! I'll only wear them if they have dollar signs or biggie wearing a crown on them.
You could tint it down with a brown cream.
Japanese denim brands are famous for being... overly inspired by American brands. Some lawsuits around the Levi's two horses logo, stuff like that.
If someone buys me a pair I will.
Nothing - buck naked.
Perf leather not my thing, but in suede they would be amazing.
Instead of bumping shit try posting in the right thread.
Both are fine leathers. I'd say #8 CXL is more of an oxblood that "pops" a little more with denim and beige/green chinos. #8 CXL is also a little more reddish than #8 shell cordovan, which starts out quite dark, almost black, and only lightens over time.
That was a really nice pair. I like the varied tones between the different parts of the boot.
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