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Two totally different shoes. Whether you want one vs. the other depends on how you'd wear them. Suede would be a nice choice if you would wear it in the spring/summer, but at least one pair of longwings is essential.
Aw man... thought ebony latigo on the half-japanese was perfect. Personally, I'd have to bow out if the make went with a tan. I have a pair of chicago tan latigo boots (it's kinda between a tan and red dog in color)... there's nothing wrong with it, but it's not an everyday color I reach for. I'd rather go for a classic, versatile dark brown.
$335 for a new pair of bison semi-dress boots. That's a good deal.
How much is your time worth? A serious question.
Bison semi-dress boots $419 from Orvis. http://www.orvis.com/p/american-bison-gentlemans-boot/7h5h
Been wearing mine 1-2 times/week for the last month and a half and it's only now to the point it's starting to break in.One of those definitely size up situations too!
Yeah I took it that way, "half japanese" to be more of a play on the japanese market and Jad Fair than anything related to race... Anyhow that's where my $$ is going
I'd need to check but pretty sure my White's out-weigh my Vibergs just based on sheer amount of leather & rubber.
I know, it's behind the 310 last.2030 is really not my thing, tho I own one 2030 boot
I'm sold on Linafelt's work shoe but the navy Latigo will be really nice as well!
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