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Anyone have examples of harness leather?I did a google image search and some kinky stuff popped up.
Ask in marketplace forum.
Who's still carrying JS Homestead? Seems like Unionmade dropped em. Still at Hickorees.
While we're talking about acquisitions, I'm still looking for a pair of horsehides in 310 last in size 10, similar to pic below but if you have similar just PM me.
Welcome to SF!
Fit entirely depends on the last.
Love the matte leather. Would have liked eyelets. Suppose they could be added after purchase.
Yup, this happened to the last version of pretty much everyone's natural CXL belt. Even after I paid to have it repaired as Adele suggested it still tore through again. Ended up tossing it. Kind of a bummer. On the upside, the new versions fix known issues with that design. On the downside, paying full price for a belt again (hint hint).
Hey look at that. A company doing the right thing.
New Posts  All Forums: