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310 has a very large toe box that makes them feel quite a bit larger than their footprint. The 2040 feels tighter across the vamp. My 2040s took a little more time to break in and conform to my foot, whereas the 310 was comfortable from the start in more work boot way.Hah! Not a bad idea I should do a family pic sometime.
They stopped their MTO program with the exception if you visit them in Vancouver, or go through a styleforum MTO.
Those roughouts are really nice. Love the color, would not dub them. If I hadn't just bought three pairs of Vibergs plus one of the SF makeups...
Thanks! The color definitely looks better in-person. The Latigo leather is very soft and supple. Not wild about the collapsed toe... I know, funny because I curse them. However, after selling off most of my "dress boots," decided I needed at least one pair that is passable for semi-formal occasions and can be worn in an everyday capacity.
Just in today, a pair of lightly used service boots in Chicago Latigo tan on the 2040 last. Obligatory shitty iPhone pics below. Color most accurate in last pic - a reddish tan that's not quite as red as red dog. More of a russett brown. PS yes these look very similar to the red dog boots on 110 I sold a few weeks back, but quite prefer these. Red is more muted, no pull tab, slightly dressier look (been binging on workboots lately).
Wait, weren't you all stoked about the french calf? That sucks.
Here we go again.
Congrats on your upcoming ban.
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