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It could be Baker's doesn't want to bother with exotics, or that White's restricts the builds/combinations it allows to Baker's.
Blue collar shit kickers take a walk on the beach.
Damn, a half size too small! if anyone has a pair of the route 10s in size 10, drop me a line
Agreed. It is just a cult last. I will throw my hat in but if it's not meant to be, life goes on.
I usually wear either Anonymous.ism or Hill-side. They are above $10/pair but are on sale at the end of every season.
It could very well be a dark picture of marron.
Pic could be deceiving... but marron is redder and a bit lighter.
Why would you lower by 1/8"? It seems too small to make much of an aesthetic or functional difference. I guess it's worth floating but I would be fine either way.
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