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Yup, mine get worn or they hit the auction block. Only have 12 boots/shoes with 3-4 more casual sneakers. Most of my friends think I have a serious problem. I should send them pics of some of your closets!
BTW I think I was high earlier and mixed up the boots. Thought the Truman was Barrie.
tl;dr, don't be an ass about the horse butt.
I was into Truman until I saw these pics that make them look "sleek." Bleh.
You're right. Filson is kinda boring.
Yeah well... despite his username, being understated never seems to be a priority. I mean, major leather vendors actually do sourcing & assembly (Saddleback comes to mind) in Mexico.
Search this thread and/or google Barrie last. http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/114510#post_8038257
Someone is so pissed his moms cleared out his closet.
Yeah was going to say, haven't yet seen a D width on any Viberg lasts.
Yeah short people can't stack their jeans. You're so right. Stock up on polos.
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