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Just don't get that haircut...
Daddy needs a new pair of... actually I don't need anything. Daddy WANTS though.
Really good. Taking the edge trim off with a dremel is pretty easy if you use a fine grit and be careful.
Anyone who got confirmation -- what are we up to in order #s, approximately? (AR90XXXX) Still waiting on confirmation... I have one order in the 900s and another in low 1000s. I'll live if they fall through, but would be stoked if I got any of the $45 journal standard shirts. They don't get much love on SF but I wear the shit out of mine.
What does that even mean?
Good news for all involved.Thanks for the update!
Didn't help that the usual unionmade sizing charts were taken out.
1/2 up from brannock is unusual but the 2030 is fairly low volume. You may just want to try another last... that's why there are a lot of them!
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