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I asked the same question a few pages back. So far a black belt seems the only fit. I think with some wear they should be alright.
If you just click on that link you get plenty of pics...
In non-Viberg unglazed news, I thought the "unpolished" shell cordovan Tricker's with colored stitching looked pretty sick too.
Picked these up recently and was done in by UK sizing. They are a "true" US 10 - so if you are a US 10 Brannock these should work for you. Nice England made boots, solid construction. Tan/caramel color. Unworn except for trying them on, so only light marks on them. $200 + shipping. No boxes or bags, sorry!
You just haven't seen his summer shoe room. (I do not know if I am joking or not)
Like you never changed your mind At the time I thought they were okay, but just wasn't "$800 into them." For $300 I will be happy, and since then I have more of a need for what are (relatively speaking) "dressier" shoes w/blind eyelets.
Hah, I should have known you were on here too! Thanks for putting them up!
I just picked up a pair of matte black derby shoes from the sample sale on ebay. This is a bit of a long shot... but can anyone suggest a matte black belt that matches the leather Viberg uses?
Very cool. I did not shell out for those but was always curious how they would progress. One of the nice effects of scotch grain is the smoothing or burnishing of areas. I never have the patience for it! LOL
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