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It's too bad there's no more copper task. Interesting leather, really thick yet supple with an unusual matte finish. Takes on a lot of character but can be cleaned up with a brushing similar to how you would treat suede. Abraded areas darken and get smoother. Nice effect.
Copper task boots on 310 for linafelt... just some quick iPhone pics. Pics on concrete are closest to actual color.
Damn, I'll be stuck at jr league soccer...
Stop posting these boots, they're just killing me!
The last indeed reads EEE and the foot bed fits that way IMHO. Here it is (top) vs. the 310 (bottom), an E quite generous in the toe... but you can see the difference.
Enough already.
Jay is already pretty generous with BOW points, sale items, customer loyalty sales now and then.
Anyone have examples of harness leather?I did a google image search and some kinky stuff popped up.
Ask in marketplace forum.
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