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Out of curiosity, anyone know how black sign shirts measure typically? They look like they have short arms, which is bad news for me potentially....
Yeah Kyle said they were working at a 6 week lead time on 8/12.
I am not a cordovan nut, but the navy shell is still stunning.
Cool story. But post on the existing wolverine 1000 mile thread.
Cross-posted from Viberg: derby boots in nut brown on the 2040 last.
It does help to be able to feel the strength of laces. Had more than one pair of leather laces break after a few days of wear. Don't you have a local cobbler? They usually have racks of leather laces of all lengths.
I don't think I have the panache to pull that off.
Nice, more pics? I love the 310 last and there's not enough of it online!
A few more shots of the derby nut brown boots in evening sunset. Was on the fence buying them, but the make is really nice and the pics on viberg's site don't do them justice. Love the tone on these. Jumprope by toys r' us.
Moved to ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141381445091
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