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Don't know if there is a strong structural reason to prefer lined. I prefer lined, but have both lined and unlined White's. For me it's mostly the comfort issue you describe.
It really depends on the leather. A thin leather like water buffalo requires a lining for support, others do not. Mainly comes down to need, comfort, dye transfer (although I've never had a problem with this). The standard white glove lining is quite comfortable and I can't think of a strong reason not to get it.
Sounds like you'd be an 11. OSB Trench tend to run true to size, 1000 miles & RW 1/2 size down. Generally Vibergs are a 1/2 size down as well.
I agree. Send to my address at....
If you don't already have a pair in natural, would recommend that.It's a very versatile color for everyday wear and evolves quickly.Personally I find roughout to be more an acquired taste, even though it's a fine look in the 110 last.
I mean, it's not drastically more expensive than if you bought it on the Viberg site. Stores have to make some money.It's a great boot. I have a similar pair in the 2040 last and have handled these. Keep in mind you are paying a premium for Vibergs being in style right now, the custom details, and so on.If you are new to buying clothes and just looking for a high quality pair of boots (just a guess, with your single post and basic questions), you may want to consider a...
Balmorals not my thing personally. Why would you want a Viberg that looks like what Allen-Edmond or Alden already do really well?
Some day us 310 last fans should rally and get a similar MTO pair made.
Moved to ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/111490122602
Hey, the F/W 2014 sock puppets are in!
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