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Sorry your feet are a hundredth of a mm too long.
A few styles at superdenim are at 350 pounds or about 526 US$. Have been well-pillaged but a few smaller sizes left... http://www.superdenim.com/brands/viberg-boots.html
Very unconvincing self-promotion there.
Viberg kind of is that sweet spot for a lot of people... but you might want to check out bootmakers with more of a tapered toe that lean dressier?Crocket & JonesCarmina
Can be more specific than "bulky"? More of a dress boot? Less wide?
Just looks like normal stacked leather. The patterning will fade and the leather color darken as you wear them. If you want a more even appearance and don't mind accelerating the darkening you could use a bit of boot oil or neutral shoe cream.
I would take the bisons. Roughouts never get as much wear for me personally.
I don't like the look or fit of the 2030. It's low-volume toe looks and feels like a slipper. Very much prefer a round toe.
Weird, the toe totally doesn't look like 2030. Too bad.
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