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That was a really nice pair. I like the varied tones between the different parts of the boot.
I bought two things but I am dreadfully uncool and not cheap.
So as a counterpoint... Zippy has an amazing collection but newcomers should note what he says that cordovan has very particular qualities that people really enjoy. It is relatively lightweight and durable... many scratches just buff out. It also has a lot of complexity, high shine, and develops interesting patina over time (#8 & cigar lighten, others darken). After buying some shell boots after first learning about it I've come to the conclusion it's not my thing. I much...
Outstanding. A nice price point too!
Had to return my camp shoes after just two days of indoor wear. Started to come apart at the top of the heel on the left one, and the bottom of the right one. It's a cool idea but execution is less than stellar.
Pretty sure sambam posted pics a few pages ago, and noted that the toe would be bigger in steel toe but won't change the internal dimensions.
It's probably just they are made wide rather than long. With most boots you have room in the toe box. Slippers not so much. So if you have long/narrow feet they might be a problem.
Re: sizing, I am a 10.5 D brannock (or maybe 10 E) and the size 10 camp shoes fit me just fine. Admittedly I size for width more than length, but even so, they are quite comfy.
Shitballs. Mine are still in the mail, but apparently I chose poorly.
I would rock the shit out of a pair of slippers but not if they are $600.
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