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Seven guys in double figures and no one took 25 shots to get there. Final score wasn't representative of the game. Was a blowout.
My lakers fan friend's worst nightmare: Lakers are a terrible team but good enough to fall out of the bottom 5 and lose their pick. This is the first stinker the W's have had under Kerr.
What - you don't think this is a fascinating subject? This is why I'm not a regulatory lawyer.
This is a bit of a morass. Just trying to figure out how my friend should declare the watch on the customs form and what the duty payable will be is a challenge. Apparently you have to have a breakdown in value between the movement, case and bracelet. It appears the duty will be less than 3% overall but still trying to figure out the hoops to jump through.
What if you bring two rolexes with you on an international trip? Do they confiscate them upon re-entry? It's price protection not trademark protection and shouldn't be something that our government is protecting through our customs agents.
Haven't had any luck finding a Daytona in Spain but did find an AD with a BLNR and a good price. Wife is telling me not to settle for the BLNR and Daytona or bust. She also says to wait for the Nomos to arrive before deciding. We shall see. The favorable exchange rate is probably the biggest factor behind this timing for me, maybe I should just buy some Euros and earmark them for watches.
Thanks guys. I'm surprised that US customs would confiscate a Rolex - is it considered contraband? Interested to hear how Rolex pulls it off. In terms of my situation, sounds like the only workable solution would be to have our friend pick it up if I can locate one from an AD in Madrid this week. I'm going to see what I can do.
Glad I asked! I have a friend visiting Madrid right now, maybe I will check with Rolex ADs there to see if anyone has a white dial Daytona they would be willing to part with. I guess it's a bit of work for her to deal with the VAT refund at the airport, but she's a good friend.
Thanks Academe, makes sense. I will look for Foo's post.
Yep that's about right, although not getting the full 20% off. Also the exchange rate is favorable which helps. Turns out the watch store isn't a Rolex AD so I need to figure out if I care. New to the watch world. Anyone in Europe have a Rolex AD that would sell me a Daytona for list price minus VAT? I'm getting my Nomos' this way which made me think it's worth trying for the Daytona. Not worried about damage during shipping. As for import duties, believe they are...
New Posts  All Forums: