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You guys need to stop talking about oysterquartz because you're making me want to buy one and dealing with the used Rolex market is not my idea of a good time. Speaking of Rolex, after a few months with the BLNR sitting in a drawer, I finally had an opportunity to have the watch sized at the Rolex service center in SF. They were super cool and said it was the first BLNR they had seen in person. They were surprised that there weren't more out and about because they're on...
Mcadoo has only played substantial minutes a few games but he's shown promise. He's been decisive on offensive, explosive finisher and good defender. He's the kind of guy the Warriors like. 6'9" long arms, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if he replaces Barnes next year as the Warriors UNC slasher/dunker. He is raw but the talk is that they like his promise.
Exactly, this is what I was talking about when I said point-forward above. He's surprisingly good at pushing the action for a guy who can't drive or create off the dribble.Going to be very interesting to see how teams value him this summer and what the Warriors are willing to do to keep him. I'm convinced they will go into the luxury tax because it's likely a short term issue until the cap is increased. I don't know whether some other team will try to make a play for...
I agree that Dray is a very good player but I don't think you just plug him in and get results. I feel like he's a great player for the team that has everything. He might take a championship contender and make them a championship team (hoping that happens with the Warriors this year!) but I think if you are a cellar-dweller, he's not one of the first pieces I would go after.
Yeah, Dray is an interesting player because he's not really particularly skilled for a 6'7" guy but he makes the most of it. He frequently provides input on what sets they should be running on defense and the coaches are receptive. He's been doing that since his rookie year which is kinda nuts when you think he was a secound round pick.I hope for his sake the Warriors make him a fair offer because I don't see him having this level of success elsewhere. His offensive...
A win tonight would help. They were down 5 at half time and now up 13 after 3. Will be interesting to see how much rest Kerr give Bogut, Klay and Steph the last few weeks of the season. I know they want and are willing to gun for the no 1 seed overall in case they play the Hawks in the finals.
I haven't looked at the numbers but seems like the Warriors the last few years have been the best 3rd quarter team of all time. Curry had those 20+ point third quarters in the 2013 playoffs. Klay went bananas a few weeks back and Steph followed it up with a 26 point third quarter against the Mavs. And then last night held the Wiz to 1 fg. On top of that they frequently take a 5 pt or smaller lead at half time into 20+ points after 3.
The time is read at the nominal 12 o'clock. I'm assuming it's a world timer so the "local time" is 10:10 a.m. in Paris. It's 1:10 am in LA, for example. I like the functionality of a world-timer, but hard not to have them be too busy. In this case the flags and the LV pyramid make it busy and ugly but I don't think it's that hard to read.
I would be in for a few bottles as well. Who would take on logistics? Shipping 90 bottles across the country/world is quite a chore. I'm assuming NYR needs 90 bottles for personal consumption.
I'm more excited about the new Rolex movements (I guess as a response to Omega's recent advances, among others although I'm sure this has been in the works for a while) and the Tudor in-house than I am by anything cosmetic here. The north flag does nothing for me. I was considering going Tudor but now that they're moving away from ETA, really glad I didn't. Wonder how long before these advances by Rolex move their way through the rest of the lineup. I doubt I'd upgrade...
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