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Sorry everyone, should have warned you this would happen. I decided to dump a lot more cash into some ETFs 2 days ago on the assumption the market would immediately head into a tailspin so I could double down. So far so good.
Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry to continue to beat a dead horse, but he only moves it from 2.8 to 3.1 over the course of 5 seasons (11% total). The CBA is predicated on a 4.5% increase a year which we already know is 7.5% this year and is expected to be much larger when the new TV deal is signed. A model is only as good as its assumptions and I don't think his assumptions are very good here.EDIT: Just to add, the Z Lowe article referenced earlier says some teams...
He's just assuming the 7.5% cap raise for next season but not subsequent raises. People are expecting big increase in 2 years, hence Lebron's 2 year deal, but Silver is using the same $2.8 million per win as the benchmark for each season.
I think Nate is ignoring the projected increase in the salary cap when the NBA signs the new TV deal in 2 years. He's projecting melo to be overpaid at the end of his contract but the league-wide economics will have changed by then so while not a bargain, if melo keeps plugging along he could very well earn his salary for the knicks.
So the Knicks best selling point is that people like dropping 50 points on them? Nice.
Probably because they're really ugly cars and it takes some people longer than others to realize it.
Not sure it's really overpaying. The salary cap is going to go up a lot in 2 years so today's max contracts will be midlevel salaries before they expire. Pretty much every young solid starter is in the convo for a max.
I think you're missing the boat on what $2 million in salary means to Lebron. If he wants to make another $2 m a year, he signs a deal with Turkish Airlines and does some stupid commercials or he makes a few more personal appearances. The dude can print money - he decides how much he wants to make and he goes and gets it. He just cashed $30m reportedly from the Beats deal. The fundamentals work differently when you are a marketable superstar.
I wasn't ripping on mexican food in NY - I've had some decent mex there in the past. Just happens that I came back from a week in Mexico so I have it on my mind. Also, not knocking central park. If I lived in NY I'm sure I'd love it, but being from a place that's not outdoor challenged, I generally feel like my limited time in NY is better spent elsewhere.
I appreciate the response but don't think it's apt. I assume most people are looking for unique experiences that they can't find where they're from, not looking for the same thing they can get at home. Central park is not that exciting to me for the same reason that the "best" mexican food in NY is not that exciting to me (or anyone who lives somewhere with halfway decent mexican food).
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