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Filson fans - I'm selling my lightly used 258. It's a great bag that I've had for a couple of years but I'm changing jobs and it's more bag than I need right now. It's in excellent condition, but does have one spot of abrasion (highlighted in the pictures below), and some dirt here and there. The twill still has plenty of structure and the bag has just been used to go from my house to my car and my car to my office. It should have a lifetime worth of use left. Price...
Pretty entertaining game. Looks like you have to blame the clippers for that unwatchable previous series with the Rockets. Harden and Curry are really showing up.
The battery is easy to make fun of, but I've enjoyed my times there (primarily for events or meetings). I don't take it too seriously.
Harden is phenomenal when he has it going. These rockets are playing a lot better than they were during the season against the Warriors. Josh Smith is a big difference maker for them now and Ariza and Terry have been pretty effective. Of course, if Barnes is going to play this well and Curry shoots like this, sky's the limit.
At my wife's insistence, we hired an interior designer to help us with our current place. The team we worked with had a great sense of proportion and gave us a lot of great options to choose from. We ended up picking a lot of what they suggested, and in many cases found pieces of a similar scale that we liked more. Nothing about the process felt like they were trying to push us into any specific type of furniture or any sorts of brands. They asked us what sorts of...
This seems like a relatively unimportant criteria in choosing a spouse. I never used an online dating site, but I am guessing none of them list preferred home decor as a field to address.
Necro response, but seems like Bulls are getting much more than 80% of Korver's production from Dunleavy. Washington has apparently figured out how to take Korver out of the series.
I use strava and like it a lot. I don't really care about the social features (follow literally 3 friends) and I never look to see what they are doing but I appreciate the segments breakdown of my rides to give me a more granular sense of how my ride went.I should note I'm primarily a mountain biker and most of my usage has been for one ride that I do fairly frequently. I'm also not "training" for anything and don't generally concern myself with performance - I ride for...
Grizzlies coach was complaining plenty about the officials. It has been an inconsistently called series with lots of ticky tacky fouls and lots of bad no calls. The Grizzlies are a good physical team and playoff basketball generally favors their style of play. As long as they call it consistently I won't complain but thus far the officiating has been haphazard. I don't understand why they call offensive fouls on Gasol for minor push offs but don't call obvious hacks...
I start a new job in a few weeks and will be trading in my driving commute for public transportation and walking. Upside - no longer a self-driver. Downside - it's now pointless for me to get a Model X (small upside - get my $5k deposit back) and this thread is now highly theoretical for me.
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