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No problem at all. If you have missed it, you have seen that you can order swatches?
Its subtle, you can see it close up in the right light, otherwise it just seems like the weave.Its on par with a wool tie, slightly fuzzy up close, but not more than that.This is fairly subtle and easily my favourite tie from them.But i go for soft, ties ,wool ties and grenadine.
Sadly this was the best I was able to do, quite hard material to capture
I have it, slight pattern in it of slightly lighter navy, can take a picture tomorrow
I have been there.They had alot in stock in regular sizes. But pretty scarce in my size 94.
Still have this?
Still have these laying around in my closet
Any one knows if any store still stocks a isc shirt in large?
I would say the first picture and this https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0184/4436/products/Alden_Tan_Shortwing_Pair_1024x1024.jpg?v=1372362534 gives a accurate color representation.
Depending where i am in my weight circle, the Havana is either slightly to small to too big, while the Soho always is great.So i would say, the Havana is slightly smaller, and not as a "forgiving" cut.
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