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I have both, and both work great with jeans, the white slightly more dressy (if u can call denim dressy).
Yes, atleast for the snuff.
I ordered a snuff sued belt with my snuff boots, its a pretty nice belt, seen better, but its great for the price.
Only used once!
Looking for Engineered Garments Matt Pant - Navy Coated Heavy Twill in sz 32 will pay good
I got to chime in for Meermin here to, i have 5 pairs from them and a pair of boots on the way, and have found no fault with them.
Im probably in , if its NR and double ruber.
I do not have them here at the moment but , here is some pictures Pepe sent me when they were finished.
Maybe, my jodphurs in NR fit great so i would prefer that.
I may be interested in a Jodhpur MTO on New Rey in navy...
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