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Not even the vests are db.
In great condition, starting to show some fades. 110$
Navy Washington flannel suit used once. Pants altered to inner leg length 31.5" with 2" of material on the inside so, about 1.5 to let out. This is from a couple of years ago, sadly it doesn't work for me, but its a fantastic suit. 200$ + shipping. Need to move this so will let go for a fair offer
Take a pair of 501 roll them up , and run down the street shouting oi oi oi. But seriously doc works with everything , even suits if you're a skinhead .
As I can remember it, allmost all of the early pants had the halfselvedge.
Yes, I thought I bought the last one. So I think it's the last one left now.And I think that if you like softer ties you can't find better,and it dressed both upp and down really well.
No problem at all. If you have missed it, you have seen that you can order swatches?
Its subtle, you can see it close up in the right light, otherwise it just seems like the weave.Its on par with a wool tie, slightly fuzzy up close, but not more than that.This is fairly subtle and easily my favourite tie from them.But i go for soft, ties ,wool ties and grenadine.
Sadly this was the best I was able to do, quite hard material to capture
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