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Fantastic shoes bought from another member here, but sadly they don't fit me that good. Previous over have used them about five times, i once. I had my cobbler install metal toe taps
Fantastic color and shoes. Sadly to small for me, used 2 times.
Did you get any feeling what they meant with soon, are we talking a week or month+ ?I have a order place for a pair of loafers, but loafers with laces could be nicer....
Fantastic shoes,Linea Maestro quality, just slight to small for me. No longer offered from Meermin. Used less than 5 times. With sunken metal toe taps.
I'll put in my order as soon as the shipping goes live.
If you have missed it http://www.styleforum.net/t/343005/japanese-shoes-bespoke-rtw-super-thread
I have both, and both work great with jeans, the white slightly more dressy (if u can call denim dressy).
Yes, atleast for the snuff.
I ordered a snuff sued belt with my snuff boots, its a pretty nice belt, seen better, but its great for the price.
Only used once!
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