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Suitsupply suit light grey flannel unused. Fantastic light soft flannel in a really nice tone. Modified to a 40" outside leg. 245$
Fantastic jacket, unused except tried on around the house. Unlined , working cuffs and alll you want for the summer. Linnen blend in a really nice colour. 120$ + shipping
Updated with measurements
Updated with measurements
Unused but the stitching have become slightly unraveled att the fly. If needed/wanted i can repair ut before shipping. Width : 14.5 Front rise :12 Thigh : 11.5 Leg opening :8 Inner leg : 34.5
Naked and famous elephant 2 in skinny guy fit soze 32. New with tags but the back pocket flasher is loose. Width : 16 Front rise :9.5 Thigh : 11 Leg opening :7.5 Inner leg : 36 70 + shipping.
Rouge territort stanton, these are one of the first models released. 16.5 across Good shape, not that much fading. Hemmed to 33" inner leg on a union special. 40 + shipping
This is from the second run made , limited to 25 . One wash and leg opening have been slimmed down to just shy of 7.5". Inner leg of 33". 70 + shipping.
Just got to chime in, the ability to design your own soho would be fantastic.
Kamakura if you want cheep , or Just go with luxire.
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