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I have a winter db in cotton from suitsupply and it's quite warm.
No one have a J303 in 94/ 38l they want to get rid of? http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/coats/grey-double-breasted-coat/J303.html
I would be in if on older or rui
WTB Suitsupply J303 size 94/38L , other coats in same size off interest to.
I have it, it's easily my new favourite, even if the peaks feel a tad to wide...
Looking for rogue territorys moto vest size medium
I will put my voice in for more flannel, especially usual dress colors, instead those casual alternative that are available now.....
Its getting darker here but in "natural" lightand under electric lightI personally think its better than navy.
Fantastic shoes, sadly loafers are a no go for me nowadays. Dark Brown Antique Calf that will age beautiful. New/Unused. With shoe trees. 395 + shipping
New Posts  All Forums: