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Fantastic jacket, unused except tried on around the house. Unlined , working cuffs and alll you want for the summer. Linnen blend in a really nice colour. 120$ + shipping
Updated with measurements
Updated with measurements
Unused but the stitching have become slightly unraveled att the fly. If needed/wanted i can repair ut before shipping. Width : 14.5 Front rise :12 Thigh : 11.5 Leg opening :8 Inner leg : 34.5
Naked and famous elephant 2 in skinny guy fit soze 32. New with tags but the back pocket flasher is loose. Width : 16 Front rise :9.5 Thigh : 11 Leg opening :7.5 Inner leg : 36 70 + shipping.
Rouge territort stanton, these are one of the first models released. 16.5 across Good shape, not that much fading. Hemmed to 33" inner leg on a union special. 40 + shipping
This is from the second run made , limited to 25 . One wash and leg opening have been slimmed down to just shy of 7.5". Inner leg of 33". 70 + shipping.
Just got to chime in, the ability to design your own soho would be fantastic.
Kamakura if you want cheep , or Just go with luxire.
I have picked up most during the outlet.For me all the collars are to short and they all need tailoring in the waist.But otherwise they are OK but there are better alternatives.
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