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Jockey brand from Kohls, the sport mesh ones
SORRY for the delay in responce (a few personal issues), I have had alot of questions about measurements - they have been added. Dropped the N&F by $10.
All prices are $HIPPED in the USA International shipping is availible, just PM me! Any questions? Just PM me, I would be more than happy to answer questions. APC New Standards in Sz 31. These have been hemmed and have ~31.5 inch inseam. They have been soaked once in cool water. Still in great shape and have very little fading at all. $100 W - 17.25 I - 31.5 H - 8 N&F Wierd Guys in Sz 31. Natural Indigo. Bairly worn, never washed, no fading. A rivet popped...
Troll the forums longer and you will develop a taste for certain asthetics you like. With trial and error you will find things that work with your body type and personality. Ultimately you should feel confident and sexy in your new clothing. Keep in mind styles change, so try to stick with staple items as mentioned in the thread then begin to personalize..... have fun.
For what its worth, those juicys are hella comfy man..
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Always been a bad ass as far as I can remember. Oh and I broke off a fixed up 300zx tt in my integra back in 96. Those v-tec motors are stout to say the least...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Got a few favs that I mainly wear, chucks (lovem) vans (love these too) dunks samoas Lol.... how many posts in did you decide to act like a badass?
Dude who asked to work in with me, added weight to the machine, then left it on after he was done.
Paul Smith makes some similiar boots, so does NDC
If im a 43 in MMM GATS what would I generally be in CP's? It looks like 42 with some research but that seems smallish...
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