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Yep, black turtleneck !Syeknom, loves the outfit but I think it lacks a belt
Eveything is Margiela except the boots (Pantanetti).
Yes, in the Paris boutique, rue de Montpensier.I think it's one of the most beautiful item of the collection. I'm actually surprised it was not on the runway show (color is amazing and the cut is typically "70's" : very fitted, exgareted colar, etc).
My phone has the worst camera Anyway... Margiela safari jacket from current season. Tobacco calf suede (super thick and stiff)
Margiela raincoat
You can identify the exact year and season of your MMM 5 zip (and any other MMM garment) by looking at the Staff International label.Check the last three digits on the "comm" line. It will give you the year and the season (1 for spring/summer, 2 for fall winter).
Zonkey Boot.
Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope. A leather strap is on the way. Not the biggest fan of the mesh one. And this MMM corderoy suit that I can't manage to shoot properly with my camera.
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