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Loewe X2
I'm french actually! Ordered it from Selfridges.
Dries Van Noten (spring summer 2017) Here's a better pic. Fabric is great (cotton with a grainy texture).
After years of ordering garments online I've had my first awful experience with online shop.Here's what happened :I've placed an order on october 28th for a coat (2500 €). Package has been sent the same day. Delivery courier is UPS. Nothing unusual.Package is delivered a few days later to the caretaker of my building, just like always.I get the package, open it and... no coat. Instead, I got a shitload of wrapping paper. A lot (so that the box feels heavy I'm...
Yep, black turtleneck !Syeknom, loves the outfit but I think it lacks a belt
Eveything is Margiela except the boots (Pantanetti).
Yes, in the Paris boutique, rue de Montpensier.I think it's one of the most beautiful item of the collection. I'm actually surprised it was not on the runway show (color is amazing and the cut is typically "70's" : very fitted, exgareted colar, etc).
My phone has the worst camera Anyway... Margiela safari jacket from current season. Tobacco calf suede (super thick and stiff)
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