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Margiela raincoat
You can identify the exact year and season of your MMM 5 zip (and any other MMM garment) by looking at the Staff International label.Check the last three digits on the "comm" line. It will give you the year and the season (1 for spring/summer, 2 for fall winter).
Zonkey Boot.
Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope. A leather strap is on the way. Not the biggest fan of the mesh one. And this MMM corderoy suit that I can't manage to shoot properly with my camera.
Ha ! I have nothing against red, I just didnt like that particular red (which was more a soft burgundy). Also the treatment was too bland for my taste. Blood red would have been nice though.
Wont happen, I didnt use black polish but a professional dye solution (teinture fran├žaise by Saphir).My pics are reaaaally terrible. Will try to take better ones by daylight (it's night time here, had to use flash).
So I bought a red 5 zip from Yoox and some Saphir black dye solution. First I scoured the surface with a leather-only cleaner (which gave me terrible headaches). The first coat of dye resulted in a awful uneven purple color. I was like "oh man, what have i done". But after the second coating, the color was more of a dark brown with burgundy hues. I liked the result and decided to keep it that way. A third coating would have resulted in a plain black color, but I dont...
More non black 5 zip.
I dont like this red 5 zip. Something about the red/burgundy hue... Not radical enough IMO. This old iteration looks so much better.
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