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I found two pair of size ten Belgian Shoes in good-excellent condition for $25 each. Are they worth flipping?
it like it's hot!
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast That's what I thought he meant. But the problem remains that if you do this, you'll then end up tying the bow itself across a fatter part of the tie rather than the narrow bits it would normally tied over. It's do-able, I suppose, but not really an ideal solution to my mind as it's not how it's designed to work. Rather than shortening it in the middle, what he needs is a different bow tie with less excess width between...
Thanks for all the help! I won't be keeping it.
The shirt is in great shape. The last picture is the best representation of color. $15 shipped CONUS   pants have SOLD
I found this Golden Fleece suit at a Goodwill. It is very wrinkled and seems to fit funny--the armholes seem especially tight. The pants are short, tight in the thighs, but loose in the waist. It's very wrinkled all over. These pics may show some of the damage. The arm holes look wrinkled along the bottom of the seam. The interior pockets have a similar wrinkled look. Also, the back of the collar doesn't seem to roll properly. maybe this is because the...
My measurements/sizes: Jackets: 38R Pants: 32Wx32/33L Shirts: 15.5x34/35 Shoes: ~10.5D or E (Park Avenues in 10.5D are too narrow) How do I get these on the spreadsheet?
I'm looking to handle some nice ties to better educate myself on what a quality tie looks/feels like for the purpose of thrifting, crafting, etc. I also would use some of the silk fabric for projects--bow ties, belts, watch bands, whatever I want. I'm looking to get them super cheap, and I'm guessing a few of you have nice ties that were horribly stained or worn out or something and would part with them for a trifle (at least that's what I'm hoping). What should I...
There are more pictures here. Quote: Originally Posted by swisschalet Do you know what last these are on? I believe it is the Plaza last. Asking $125 shipped USPS (Paypal). SOLD!
This small town noob got excited about a week ago when he saw a Zegna tie--it had a spot on it, right at the tip. Today--Zegna Soft shirt, got excited again. Then I noticed snap down collar points. Are those original? They didn't look it. Also, I was looking for some chinos for myself. I found a pair by Ralph for a few bucks that seemed like they'd work for casual wear. The fit was really good, except someone had hemmed about 6" off a 31x32 pair of pants. No luck...
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