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Which English cobbler/shoemaker did the Polo Benchmade in England shoes and how can you tell?
I came across a peak lapeled tux that I assume was custom made since it had a date label...from 1940. It was pretty worn in some areas, but had grosgrain facing and stripes. Would this sort of thing be worth something?
Nothing groundbreaking, but some stuff I'll keep. Some PSs and a silk scarf to cut up into squares with rolled edges/bow ties. A tie whose texture I liked, though it's nothing special. RL Polo Benchmade in Italy specs in 7.5D, which don't seem to be as valuable as I'd thought. They're in my sig. When I get more time, I'll post and list the Corneliani suit I found a few weeks ago.
[first 3 pics] These are is pretty good shape. Bench made in Italy, 7.5 D The fabric is a bit darker than the pictures show--it's more tan/khaki than cream. There is plenty of life left in the soles--they look to be just broken in. See pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Price includes shipping to ConUS, elsewhere will be extra depending on country. $70 [last pics] These are in excellent shape also, with the exception of a scratch on the inside heel counter.... several styles of AE shoes on sale for $207, maybe less on Friday (if your size is still in stock). This is a pretty good price, right? What color shoes should I wear? What style? I can't decide if black park avenues or fuzzy house slippers are better. Thanks for the help!
I do not think that word means what you think it means.
So they look like full-grain? I'd rather not drop $25 on corrected since something better will likely come up. Thanks for the advice!
What sort of leather is this, corrected grain or full grain? I'm trying to train my eyes. Are they worth anything, even personal wear informally?
more drops, send offers, I want to move this stuff.
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