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Posts by tennesseean_87 Zegna jacket around 38-40 with shortish sleeves.
I got my Skagen that looks pretty similar for $40. Use the rest of the money for straps.
Here's my cheapy Skagen. For a student strapped for cash, I think it looks nice for $40.
See link in my sig for some shoes, and make me an offer!
These are awesome! I want to try this with some beaters in an orangish tan that I never use, and I love the mottled effect. How does one obtain this?
I'm thinking of changing a few of these(*), but here's how I automatically dress: 1. Odd jackets with chinos, cords, etc=OCBD every time* 2. Blazer with nicer wool trousers=No collar buttons 3. Only white squares for church, especially when preaching and/or leading worship (I go CDBish but without the same level of formality) 4. Fall-winter, wear as many layers as weather permits 5. Dress as casually as possible in jacket and tie for class (graduate level) a. but don't...
I was pretty happy when I found them. I always seem to find great stuff in 9, but I'm a 10.5
39 x 1 38 x 2 13 x 1 30 x 2
There may likely be a wear line from where the previous end of sleeve was.Anyone know who made the Benchmade in England shoos for Polo?
Are they the ones who did Polo Benchmade in England? Did anyone else do those?
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