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I have alopecia as well. It's genetic and seems to be triggered by stress in my case. Patches in my beard have been commonplace the past 6 months and I also developed a fair sized bald-spot on the back of my head. That was a couple months ago and it's slowly starting to grow back in. Apparently alopecia is worse in girls then guys...
I second using Melatonin. I've used these Strips that dissolve in your mouth (similar to those Listerine breath strips that are available). It's helped so far..
Long time reader...first time poster. As a Torontonian I have read this thread and found some great deals as a result. For those in Toronto I strongly suggest the Goodwill on Dufferin/401 (across from Yorkdale Mall) and the Goodwill on St. Clair/Bathurst near the Forest Hill area. Both are gold mines from time to time. Here are my findings from the past six months: 4 Canali dress/sport shirts - 2 appeared almost brand new. $5/each 1 Canali suit - grey wool....
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