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Picked up a pair of these and also really like them. I was planning to dye them black, but they're darker than I was expecting (more purple like melon said) and will probably wear them as is.
Does anyone have the geller x cp trainer boots currently available? Any comments on them? Can they be resoled? Sizing?
Thanks, I got a size 41 (~8.5 on brannock) and have a little heel lift. They fit pretty well other than that though, so maybe a 40 would be too small. I'll see if heel grips or maybe insoles will help.
Anyone know if the geller x cp chelsea boot from this season was made in size 40? Smallest size forward had was 41.
Edit 10/24 - Sold Brand new pair of Dayton service boots in oiled black. Size 7.5E. One of the boots says 7.5EE on the insole, but they seem to be 7.5E, which was what I ordered. Outsole length is approx 11 7/8". Worn indoors for less than an hour. Stitching is pretty sloppy in one spot (see pics). Edit: For sizing, they run about one size big. I'm an 8.5 on the brannock device and Dayton suggested I go a size down from there. Of course it depends on if you want to...
Where are you guys getting butterros?
Well that would make sense if said person ordered a left foot 7.5EE and a right foot 7.5E. As soon as I can borrow a camera, they're going on B&S.
I tried for over a month to get a refund. Numerous back and forths with Stephen over email. Never got a refund from them. Filed a CC dispute and they shipped my boots after they received the dispute.
Yes I realize Stephen is responsible for the low quality output. I guess it's just too bad the boot makers didn't collectively hold to some quality standards at a pace they're comfortable with instead of ramping up output to where quality would suffer.
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