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Hell yes. Have two and wear them a lot. (had a 3rd which I wore well past its usefulness and was loathe to let go)I have never (and I'm pushing 50) been invited to a black-tie event, and given my social circle, likely never will be.
Me either -- never was able to figure out what "season" I was supposed to be. When I was younger I worried about anything that might make my already pasty-white/blotchy red Irishness more florid. Now that I am older, maybe my skin is just greying or something, because I don't notice it anymore.I have blue eyes and white (used to be grey, but who am I kidding anymore) hair, if that helps explain my colouring any better.So I voted some awareness and concern because I used to...
This.I only have two white shirts that are not OCBD, and those I only wear with a suit, and then very rarely.But for the most part, I get what Manton is driving at (or at least what I understand of it) -- it is harder to work with white than perhaps is generally recognized, and probably done poorly more often than not. I would risk ecru before white in most cases.I am curious if anybody else has ever tried a grey shirt? I had one a few years back and kind of liked it, but...
Wouldn't disagree, though the Clark's are cheap and disposable, not unlike other summer stuff: canvas sneakers, espadrilles and sandals.
Here in Canadia they run the stuff live on TV all day every day, and then repeat/canned stuff at nighthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada's_Olympic_Broadcast_Media_Consortium
The only pair I have is that sand colour like this: http://www.clarkscanada.com/products/mens/mens-original/desert-boot/desert-boot-sand-suedeI only wear them with uncuffed cotton or linen summer slacks, or shorts.
retart question -- also good for walking rather than running?
Huh -- did not know this. All this time I was monkeying around with photobucket ...
I think there were upsets earlier in the round-robin, and the Chinese were trying to avoid having two of their own teams face one another in such a way that it would eliminate one of them from medal contention. I think the other teams were trying to arrange to play against teams they believed would be weaker, and only by losing could they make this happen given the previous upsets. These sorts of shenanigans would be easy to eliminate if they would get rid of the...
Regarding suede in summer, would desert boots (crepe sole) also be an exception? Not that I would wear them with wool trousers, you understand.
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