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Walter Beauchamp bespoke no longer operates out of their own storefront -- have been revived at Holt Renfrew ... http://www.holtrenfrew.com/men/?page_id=2330
Cold ham. Fuck.
I'm not Kevin Willis, but I get your point. Actually, I find the sink worse than the counters for being too low. When we reno the kitchen my short wife and I can fight over this, I suppose ...Good suggestion, thanks.Since I have 4, probably not very good.
Already have an outbuilding -- pool changeroom/shed with pool heater/filter/pump plus lighting and power outlets. Don't have enough property to add a second outbuilding!
All possibilities, as long as the thing doesn't move around much. I was thinking maybe built-in butcher block set at the right height. The whole question was inspired by the observation that ideal knife size might differ based on user size -- similarly, lever lengths, angles and so on must play some part.
Don't care about resale. As far as I am concerned, they can carry me out of here in a box! 150 is weird -- 125, also available, is weirder. House is about 2200 sqf and we already have every space finished (basement and garage) and are already running every electrical item imaginable indooors and out (pool, hot tub, landscape lighting) except maybe a lift/elevator. Even then, I still have at least 4 unused slots in the panel. No need for 200A, and it would have required...
I had one made up partly because I don't see them much around here, and partly because I associated the look with old guy leisure.moi aussi, RSS. For the good of your mental health and blood pressure, stay out of the CE -- it is more egregious than ever.
Tangentially related, any suggestions for getting your cutting surface to a height that you like? I find regular countertop height lowish, and very hell on my back.
Finally got fed up waiting and bought a hot tub. Very happy with that -- wish I had done it years ago. Dominoes, though ... No space left on the old (late 70s) 32 slot 100A service. Furthermore, the previous homeowners who had finished the basement in the 90s built cabinets around/in front of the service (located in the laundry room), which is a major code fail and meant that my hot tub installation would not meet code even if the service didn't need replacing. So,...
Haven't been there since motorcycle camping on it in the summer of 1990 -- good times ...
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