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Heh. I mean, sure Tech sucks, but UGA just sucks that little bit more ...
Can't stop watching replays of the Orange Bowl. Second half of COFH and the whole OB are just old-fashioned O-line beat-downs.
Indeed, these wins are all too infrequentThe weird part is that the last two were in Athens.Sadly, I have about zero confidence for the Orange Bowl. The option doesn't seem to operate very well after long layoffs.What is the mood among Dwag fans going into the Belk Bowl? Will the team be disinterested?
I believe that her "Systems of Survival" is the best of all.I'm currently finishing Carroll Quigley's "The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis". I plan to tackle his "Weapons Systems and Political Stability: A History", which at over 1000 pages ought to keep me busy for a while ...
I realize I'm a little late, but I'll just drop this little nugget here ...Where's a troll-face emoticon when you need one?
Walter Beauchamp bespoke no longer operates out of their own storefront -- have been revived at Holt Renfrew ...
Cold ham. Fuck.
I'm not Kevin Willis, but I get your point. Actually, I find the sink worse than the counters for being too low. When we reno the kitchen my short wife and I can fight over this, I suppose ...Good suggestion, thanks.Since I have 4, probably not very good.
Already have an outbuilding -- pool changeroom/shed with pool heater/filter/pump plus lighting and power outlets. Don't have enough property to add a second outbuilding!
All possibilities, as long as the thing doesn't move around much. I was thinking maybe built-in butcher block set at the right height. The whole question was inspired by the observation that ideal knife size might differ based on user size -- similarly, lever lengths, angles and so on must play some part.
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