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Quote: Originally Posted by niix Anyone have any pictures of before and after with this stuff? Just got some Ascots and would like to try it. Sorry, not able to post at his time, but the Montana Pitch Blend kind of makes it a bit deeper in color, but offers a worls of protection. The downsode of the MPB is that (like most waterproofing oils) doesn't lend itself to regular shoe polishing later. On boots, I think some kind of waterprofing...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex You definitely need to go with 258 if you want to put clothing in there. It is not much more bigger,I've seen 258 and it is a good size. I can only put my laptop and one of my text books and a notebook inside the bag,anything more would probably not fit. Agree. You are asking too much of a smaller bag. Bob
Ok, I am a nubbie here, but can anyone explain why selvedge denim is so desirable..and so $$$? Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by bradsmitty Just got and tried the leather dressing yesterday and I really like it. The color is much richer, the leather is much softer, and boots even feel more comfortable and broken in. Thanks again for the suggestion! Welcome! I also bought that SAPHIR "Renovatuer" leather condiotiner and only used it on a leather bag and belt, but will be using it on my shoes next - pretty nice product too! Seems to...
Take a look at this site - I like those Rider Hobo's. Just way out of my price range though. Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelPemulis the thing that i think is lame is that, upon reading this article, you might walk away with the belief that LL Bean Signature is made in the USA. they talk about the revival of US manufacturing, and it sort of insinuates that the bean stuff is made in the US. Good point! Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Saddle soap to clean and Saphir Renovateur to condition. These aren't dress shoes so you don't need wax or polish. Sounds good. I used the Montana Pitch Blend on them and they look great and are (hoping) much more water resistant. However, I did use that Saphir on some leather bags and belts and it excellent. Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by fungz0r Anybody offering sizing tips, I think i'm going to order a pair of these over the wolverine 1000 mile boots cause these are like half the price, and toe capped. I've tried on Wolverine 1000 mile, and I know my sizing in them, but i'm not sure about katahdin's. I'd like it if they fit perfectly on the first try so i wouldn't have to send them back and wait some more Yes, they run about a 1/2 size large. Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by bradsmitty Thanks, Bob. I just ordered some of this - looks to be exactly what I wanted. Sure, I am curious what you think when you try it. Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Why would Obenauf's oil be different than any other type of oil? Putting mink oil on the boots won't ruin them so why would obenauf's? Not sure about the mink oil, but OB's is a very heavy, thick oil. In the picture in my last post you see what he boots look like when new. If you like that look, OB's will change it dramatically, if you don't mind the color change, OB's will be fine. Bob
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