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Quote: Originally Posted by meso @bobm are you under some obligation to make every other post about leather treatment? Hey meso, Nah, it just seems that way! I just got a nice pair of leather hiking boots and wanted to get the scoop. It seems it hard to have both - waterproof and breaths well. Given the choice, I'll opt for the boots be waterproof. As an aside, last Fall I took a short, (but as it turned out) mildly strenuous hike...
Here's a question regarding using Sno-seal, Obenauf's, etc. to ensure waterproofing the boots. By using any of the waterproofers, doesn't that severely affect the boot's breathability? Isn't that the tradeoff? Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by Peter1 So...here is the $150 question: Do the double soled mocs have any usefulness in the city? I can't really get a straight answer (though I did see a guy wearing them on 9th ave in Chelsea the other day.) I don't really want to buy a pair of glorified bedroom slippers that I can't wear outside. Would they just get permanently mucked up by walked around the subway stations? I can't speak for the Arrow double...
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker LOL! So true. Also agree with you that very few people can pull off looking good in a fedora. However these summer/straw/inexpensive hats do provide a bit more room for error fashion wise than the standard felt fedoras. It's an interesting gift, but for the already mentioned reasons, get them something else. Bob
Any thoughts on these JL Powell boat shoes? http://jlpowellusa.com/product/33-FO...Boat-Shoe.html Bob
I know I will get some flack here, but $300.00 for jeans is way too dear in my world, especially "hanging around" type jeans. But, I've also spent excessively on some things in my life, so go for it. Bob
I'm an inch shorter than the OP and also had some similar questions and concerns. I have an older black raincoat - looks nice, good protection, but wanted something a bit less informal - I rarely need to get super dressed up and prefer the more casual look - it's more useful for me. I started looking at those long "duster" style coats - specifically FILSON'S but was way too long - and nothing makes a short guy look shorter than a coat overly long coat and besides it...
Is there any problem with adding a rubber sole onto the 1000 k's? Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Obviously there's not much consensus here on what is or isn't a non-ugly winter boot (beyond those $800 Nice Collective boots AR_Six or someone posted, but those probably aren't an option for everyone). I think it makes sense to take a step back and look at what the options are and what the features should be in a winter boot. First, there are your basic models that can potentially function as winter boots: -...
Quote: Originally Posted by FENWAY Threw some weather conditioner on them...prefer the lighter shade, but happy with results Curious as to what conditioner you used for these boots? Bob
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