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I have worn this backpack onceand that was in the city, not the trails; no marks or scratches but decided against keeping it because it is too similar to the other Filson Pack I own. I shoulda seen that coming! New 228.00 Asking 165.00 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal or personal check Bob
Selling brand new Akruba - model Banjo Patterson fedora size 62. Original price was $165.00. The color is fawn - as pictured in the link. It's a great price for a great hat. Price is $100.00 Bob 973 896 4388
Filson Tin Cloth Jacket 4 Sale I have a 8 month old, like new (worn less than 1/2 dozen times) Filson Tin Cloth Jacket for sale. Size is large. Price new was $195.00. My price is $95.00. Bob 973 896 4388
I have them - bought them many, many moons ago - before they were considered "in style". Having said that, they are great for rain and snow - providing you wear a thick enough sock to keep your feet warm. I tend to need/prefer boots that offer more support and I never felt these boots were the best for me in that regard.Bob
Jut got this Duluth Pack Wanderer Day Pack as a present, but already had a similar one! Brand new, never used. It came with (upgraded) padded leather straps and leather/steel grommets (accessories). It is olive drab canvas and leather - made here in the USA. Over $220.00 retail, asking $135.00. Again, brand new and never used. Bob Marino
Well said; agree 100%. I like Filson bags (and some clothing) for the same reasons. I have no need of dressing formally 99% of the time, so the Filson bags suits me just fine - plus I like the fact that they are made in the USA. I have zero interest in Filson's newer - nylon luggage.Bob
A little too small for my needs, and very mildly broken in. Otherwise, a beautiful leather bag. New $395.00. See below. Asking $125.00 Bob 973 896 4388
Agree with the others- those Viibram soles and heels look great. And they add much more basic functionality, probably longer life as well as increased comfort. i m hoping most good shoe repair places can do it proficiently. Bob
Can you wear cream or white linen pants and black shirt with brown shoes and brown belt, or is it black only? Bob
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's That's a result of poor temperature management afield. Waxed cotton breathes way better than any of the synthetic membranes. That jacket should have been shed the moment you noticed you were heating up. Thanks! Good to know about the waxed vs synthetics - as I have mostly Filson waxed cotton and wool coats. All things being equal, wouldn't a wool coat have been the better choice over waxed cotton for that...
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