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Im looking for a Journal Standard x the Hill-Side wool blanket stripe shirt in size 2 or whichever is equivelent to medium in gitman vintage. It does not matter the color. It can be this years or last years colors. Let me know what ya got for me please. I will be forever greatful. thank you Justin
Wanted beauty and youth coverall blazer in a size medium. Or whatever size fit a 39" chest. Please message me if you have one and you'd like to sell.
17 weeks was a long fuckin wait. Ordered them on November 10th. Tan bull uppers, black roughout lowers, brown double midsole, vibram 705 half sole
Man I'm going crazy waiting for mine. It's been 15 weeks now. I was told 10-12 weeks. I calle 2 weeks ago and was told 2 more weeks. And still nothing. I didn't get anything exotic. Just black roughout with tan bull upper bounty hunter. Is everybody who placed an ordered back in November still waiting like I am?
Hello, I'm selling off a few pairs of my Aldens that don't get much wear. Alden for Leathersoul – Cognac Soft Calf Flex Longwing- 9.5d Barrie last. Worn 10 times- $265 shipped Alden for Leathersoul- black shell cordovan pitt boots- 9.5d Barrie last. Worn 5 or 6 times- $450 shipped Alden cigar shell cordovan NST 6 eyelet chukka.- size 10 Aberdeen last. Worn only a handful Of times- $400
I couldnt decide on just one pair of boots so I said the hell with it and ordered the roughout Roys and black Pitt boots from leathersoul
Man them look good but they aren't my style. I like a more rugged looking boot and the plaza toe is very rugged looking
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