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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff Best part of the night was watching Dana act like the little bitch he is when giving Cain the belt- so obviously disappointed that Lesnar, aka this year's cash cow, lost. Guess it's time to once again find some fighter who you hype as the best ever and then cry when they get owned. the supposed "best fighters in the world" are treated like dogs. underpaid incredibly
pics or it didn't happen
my advice to you is craigslist
suprisingly pleasent from kanye
brides are control freaks do what makes you feel comfortable
jordan actually looked down upon lebron and hated on him for joining the heat with wade and bosh he said that back in his day, he played against his top opponents (magic, bird, etc.) to findout who was superior, not try to join a team with them hey, i mean lebron just wants a ring, and he didn't have a chance in clevland, so i understand his decision, i guess. . . lebron will never amount to jordan, and kobe can with 3 more rings (consecutively)
i know i'm not the only guy who's had to rock it commando style once or twice in a pair, then sold them on SF
lesnar lost woooo
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Manager of a chocolate factory run by big breasted hookers. Live the dream son. Live the dream. willy wonka ain't got shit on that
a clothing forum help choose your career? do we have to help you wipe your ass too?
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