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Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I've been thinking of doing a trip to Europe this summer for around 2-3 weeks in July. I'll almost certainly be travelling solo. I'd prefer to travel with a group of people in the same age range (20-30) and see lots of capitals and hotspots. I've heard good things about Contiki Tours. Any other suggestions? Yup, the best suggestion is to not do a guided tour. Buy a few guidebooks, go out and...
I usually have to size down when I buy sweaters because of the extra baggage. Historically, I've been pretty lucky with a high heat dryer cycle
Quote: Originally Posted by forex more CJ suede shoes: Just made my Friday night! Thank you sir. Now I just need to wait another 3 months for good weather
PM sent
Quote: Originally Posted by forex C&J made suede cap toes at a very good price: Sigh, if someone ends up buying these and doesn't like them for whatever reason, pm me.
Quote: Originally Posted by spertia Switched my Chronoscope to a vintage green Zenith strap for something different: Where can you buy a Max Bill Chronoscope in NA? I thought they were only sold in EU?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker PM / Im taking the Drakes 4 and 5, gingham and blue dots. Good choice Spoo!! Don't you already have enough ties
Why are people bumping old threads?! Let it die.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hi, I recently bought a 38R RLBL Suit; it is pinstripe (black/charcoal, thin stripe) w/ wide lapels. It is a little big, and I am thinking about returning, but wanted to see if there was interest here first. Pictures might take a little while. It is BNWT. Price would be $750. Sure, if you included the measurements, I'd bite.
Gents, I'm looking for a copy of "Dressing the Man" by Flusser. I'm hoping one of you gentlemen who have memorized each page would gladly sell their copy to an up and comer. I'm willing to negotiate the price, let me know!
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