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Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT trying to fill anyone's shoes. Nor does this include the fits in the sprezz-off. Best "Look at this fuckin' weather!" Shot: Spoopoker Spoo, you never cease to impress. Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. Best Use of Vintage to Get Dames: Tibor Classic!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Zegna Abbaco suede loafers BIN $112 OBO... FWIW I have these and they are my default vacation/summer shoe and they are awesome. This is a hella good price. Some other sizes in the store too. Those shoes look great. Too bad the sizing is super narrow, the color of each shoe is different and they are a little small for me.
I'd go for the Strand. I own both the PA in Black and Strand in Walnut. The Strand can scale down or scale up pretty easily
I'd go with the black grenadine tie. A powder blue for a formal dinner might be a bit much. Unfortunately, wearing a black suit and black tie might also indicate you are going to a funeral.
Really can't wait until summer.. sigh
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw I remember Prague and Budapest being very affordable. Both great cities with lots to do. Easily two of the cities I had the most fun in. Both are affordable and less touristy then then the infamous "western" Europe.
Do you really need a MAC? If your on a budget, the MAC might not be the best solution
Really trying hard not to purchase that briefcase...... hmmmm
Great fit. I can't add anything additional than lowering the button stance. Amazing deal as well. Kudos
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k sixish minutes to six You pretty much own every watch on my wish list. The only thing that's missing is a planet ocean!
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