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Incredible. Wish they were in my size, I'd buy both!
Purchased a few Hermes ties from frenchy. Great seller. Would gladly purchase from again
Just bought a couple sets of shoe trees from interlockingny. Great seller and very quick turn around time on shipping
Quote: Originally Posted by stillerfan07 I have thought about getting the Strands. But my gut reaction has been that they seem a little busy and ostentatious. I am not sure if they are suitable in a business environment. What do you think? They are fine for the office environment. Buy them and don't look back
Someone is going to be lucky to grab those Barkers.. Wish they were in my size [[SPOILER]]
Still new to this photography business. Taken with a Lumix lx3. Sunrise on the top of Haleakala volcano in Maui
Beauty coat, waiting on the measurements
Viggo would be an ideal candidate. Clint about 15 years ago would have fit the bill.
Bringing this back from the dead to get new opinions on brown suede belts. With the good weather around the corner (fingers crossed) can anyone recommend some places to buy suede belts online?
Great collection Kev777
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