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Looking to buy a pair of double monks in 12D. I'm interested in any color, but would prefer something with a brown tone. Let me know!
Beautiful stuff, wish they were in my size. Great deals right here
Amazing 300M Lokesh. I'm not in the Omega space yet, but I think that or the PO would be my first lux watch purchase
Put up pictures and measurements and I'll gladly buy it if the size is right. Just expand your scope outside of the island
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter +1 to Mora being an option, although personally I've seen it and it's a little too blobby (not pointy enough). [/url] I thought Mora's were a discontinued model?
PM'd on 8
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA I've been wearing shoes almost my entire adult life and that's never happened to me. I've actually been wearing shoes almost my entire life, I guess some people take a bit longer to adapt
Interested in seeing the measurements
pm'd on #16
Quote: Originally Posted by deathrow1986 Quit the f*ing spamming Now on the record, great looking shoes, just a shame about the width of these. These baby's would look great with a nice antiquing on them...on the other hand .. they are nice now as well....mmm choices choices. Don't quote the spam
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