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Quote: Originally Posted by William Bruce Are there no new break ups? I like to feel the sound of sadness in the air and the million consolations that always pour in. Common guys somebody has got to break up!! Everyone ended their relationships before valentines day. It's only natural that there will be downtime
Quote: Originally Posted by rabidawg That's yours, right? The ebay name looks pretty similar
Quote: Originally Posted by x31460 Is the BR Monogram Wool Cashmere topcoat still for sale? Im interested in buying. Looks like decent stuff even though it's from BR
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Always polished and pressed for work/professional settings. Usually, rugged and pressed for non-work settings, perhaps not as crisp as I would for work. Never rugged and wrinkled unless I'm doing outdoorsy activities or sports or playing a homeless man. Pretty much +1 to the quote
Great quality and a good price. Love the mora's in that price range
Quote: Originally Posted by Carraway Read that a while ago, it was okay. I'm not sold on it being a cult classic though. It's good, just not incredible
How much larger could they run? Do these shoes come with an extender to bump them up to a 12D?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mocc Socks Interested in the Mora's if still available. can you PM me, I just signed up and can't PM for a few more posts. Thanks. Honestly, why do you do this to my emotions? Don't bring these threads back from the dead . I thought I finally found a pair of Moras
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim has anyone posted these brand new c&j suede perf caps, size 10, $170 bin? I bought the sz 12 he was selling. Just got them, great quality and definitely a good price.
Upside down and out of focus jackets. Sign me up
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