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Is that a quadruple windsor knot? I thought those were only in fairy tales
This thread has really perked my interest in a green sc/blazer. I've just bumped it up my list.. Very nice look gents
If those Church's were in a 11.5/12D I'd be all over them. Very surprised to see them still available!
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Nice Buy-it-now on some C&Js. I enjoyed the listing: "(AND, they do NOT smell - no foot odor!)"
Quote: Originally Posted by nohio Pre-order goes live soon. Tell them what size you want. Seems these shoes are getting cut up in the comments below. Have a read
Great suit. It actually seems to fit you quite well in the pictures. Too bad the inseam is short or else I'd be all over this
delightindisorder was a great seller. He was open and honest throughout the entire deal. Let me know as soon as it shipped at what the status was. Great guy overall
Looking for shoulder measurements as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep These: Ear muffs Play it safe. So much can go wrong with hats. I have the exact same pair. I think they are pretty safe with any suit combination throughout the winter
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