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This thread will fail without measurements
Not a fan of any type of split toe. I guess it comes down to personal style Split toe just takes away from the flow of the shoe.
A colleague at work recommended these shoes to me. What do you guys think? I know they are a bit fashion forward but I really like how the toe box almost makes the shoe come to life. If your looking for an analogy, I'd say it's more "coupe" than the usual Allen Edmonds "sedan" style.
Quote: Originally Posted by tricky I have a pair of 5th avenue that fit well in size 11D. Anyone know how Park Avenue compare in size? I bought a pair of Strand's in 11D as well but sold b/c they were too big. Pretty sure the Strand and PA are the same last
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Giveaway BIN of £14.99 on a 40 Short Chester Barrie blazer Great deal, someone will snatch this up pretty quickly
Quote: Originally Posted by Flimsychicken Ralph Lauren Signature Jacket - 40S - $59.99 BIN. This from the line that is the predecessor to RLPL. chest - 21.5"; sleeve - 23"; shoulder - 20.25". This jacket is built like a square! Great deal if someone can fit into it.
You can actually put an insole in to fill the space. Have you tried the new grass insole? Very stylish and eco friendly!
Wish these were 1/2 a size bigger. Free bump for a great NOS pair of shoes
Spoo gets all the shoes in his size!! Not fair!
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Notice anything missing from this auction? Link "Item for sale: BOX ONLY! ~ Rare Vintage Church's of England Original Shoe box for a sz 8.5D of the 954 Last Leather Shoe. I DO NOT HAVE THE SHOES. This auction is for the original box and tissue/foam stuffing aswell as the original paperwork on the Bookbinder Finish. I believe this box is over 26 years old and in very good condition. BOX ONLY! ...
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