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Random question, are the C&J double monks 11E UK or US sizing?
Measurements?? Prices?? Very interested
Sigh, I'd buy this if it wasn't $54 shipping to Canada
Quote: Originally Posted by semifrank Interested, send me a PM please.. Also, is this the "rick james"? Yes
Great looking box, mind snagging a pic of the shoes?
Does anyone know how large these would fit based on US sizing? 1 size larger?
I think I see NYR up there already. Is that a vox sighting as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon ^^ BIN seems to be gone.... It was set at a 99.99 starting bid, he must have changed the auction.
Pictures are broken
Quote: Originally Posted by summej2 Bowring Arundel boating blazer (~34S): Wow.. Interesting color combo
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