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At their outlet store in the Netherlands, the guy also gave me an additional discount on top of the outlet price.
Heh, well it's not like I usually go out wearing obnoxious stuff like these two seeing as I'm a student without too much occasions for suits or anything fancier than a shirt, but at a price of 150 dollars for both the suit and SC NWT, I couldn't resist. As to the sleeves, I have to admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable of persons when it comes to sizing, but I don't think they are too narrow as I can still move my arms freely in them without real problems, that being...
recently bought a suit and a SC at Suitsupply, and I'm really happy with their fit and also with the overall quality. In fact, I don't think I've ever stumbled across a brand that sells suits OTR that I don't feel need too much altering, if any at all Size is 38L in the Washington cut.
Not entirely sure about the fit of the pants, should they be slimmed down a bit?
Thanks! It's a linen/cotton blend, very nice fabric. I've recently decided to try and make my own ties, the one I'm wearing in the picture is made by myself. It may be not perfect yet, but I feel like I'm improving!And yeah, hopefully I should be getting a new camera soon, and I'll see what I can do about my photo quality and if I can have them be taken by someone else!
Apologies for the lack of pocket square!
What I'm wearing today! Unfortunately I didn't have time to iron my pants anymore this early morning, but oh well!
I have been reading SF for quite a while, and even though I might be quite young and still have a lot to learn myself, I too would like to say that I have very much so enjoyed to see your progress!Anyways, I'm glad this thread exists, since I hardly ever have the chance to wear anything proper for the regular MC WAYWRN-thread. So here's my first contribution!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Is that shirt by Kiton? I like it, it's something different.
When I was 15/16 years old I used to be wearing (ill-fitting) dress shirts and sports coats to my high school too, whereas everyone else was just walking around in t-shirts and jeans. Let's just say that even though it didn't alienate me from my friends, it didn't do me many favors in terms of popularity either. With that said however, the reason for my slight impopularity wasn't so much that I was wearing different clothes from everyone else, it was my attitude, and the...
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