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I'm a daily work wearer although i've been skipping Fridays... not to thread jack but would you guys say that it's a faux pas to wear a tie without a jacket in the summers when it's scorching hot out? If so, I am guilty...
Very nice ties, however I'm more curious as to where you get your stash of TF ties.. =)
Quote: Originally Posted by countbaron the deals on the C&Js and BBs are available every week in factory shops. The JLP deals are less frequently available but I would not be lying if I said you could get them once a month in average- assuming you load up when things are good fact is UK shoes are vastly overpriced in the US Seconds/irregulars don't really count as deals if that's what they are. There are outlets in the states as well...
it's not a true sample sale. 99% of all sample sales nowadays are not true "sample sales"
He doesn't come on to this website anymore.
PM Sent
Quote: Originally Posted by somethingclever I'm going to sit down with this tomorrow and exact some decisions, as I like everything I see here. Everything should be gone by then..
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del He looks good overall but peak lapels and hacking pockets on a chalk stripe business suit ? . If a member here would have done it, all of us would have crucified him. plus tie is too narrow for that lapel Couldn't put my finger on what looked wrong but I think you hit the nail on the head... not a big fan of the suit and an example of someone missing the swagger
Quote: Originally Posted by enolasfinest Separates are not "a suit." Instead, you buy a suit and then you get it tailored. How many decent mens clothing shops even carry separates? J. Crew is pathetic. OK - half you morons aren't noticing that they're not referring to J. Crew retail. They're referring to the J. Crew Men's Shop which is only available in NYC and DOES sell suits.
After running a search to find the definitive list of differences between high end shoes and low end shoes, I decided to start this thread so that those who have an extensive knowledge about mens' footwear could contribute and educate those like myself. Allowable differences must be apparent and actually describable. "It's hard to describe" or "You have to see it in person" are lame excuses and most likely come from ignoramuses who buy expensive shoes because the shoe...
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