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Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 My direct supervisor is Asian. His supervisor (Senior Exec) is Asian. They are both terrible at communication, are afraid to speak up and "rock the boat", and always attempt to force-fit analysis to what their audience wants. Most second year analysts have more leadership skills than these two. There is absolutely no way that either of them will be promoted above their current positions. They are both very smart...
I've never heard of any store allowing anyone to purchase a gift card at discount when there's a storewide sale and I'm willing to bet it's the same situation here.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood Nobody is indispensable - not even you. i like that =)
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood I employ good people and unless someone wants to buy us or one of our targets becomes for sale I do not want to know. If they have to contact me they know where I am staying. You friends have to learn how to delegate. It has nothing to do with delegating, it has to do with being in the know. It probably has more to do with what industry you work in. As an example, in buy-side finance you need to...
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood I travel without a cell phone and/or laptop. When I am on holiday I am on holiday. Plenty of people with money, perhaps especially people with money like to get off the grid when they are on holiday. The guy didn't respond for 12 days. There is no flight in the world that takes 12 days. If you're retired then i can understand if you're disconnected from the world. Or if you inherited your money and...
spot on with the price
My next purchase and first cordovan pair of shoes.. in gorgeous blue: Courtesy of Leffot
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas This is just plain sad - you never go anywhere that's off the grid? Work requires me to constantly be plugged into th e matrix and it's not that difficult to stay connected nowadays.
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