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Quote: Originally Posted by was385 regardless of how cheap he got them, if he's not selling them for more than their face value, then he'd get more benefit by just using them. It's called Credit Card Points so he'd make a profit regardless.
Title says it all - I'm interested in buying your Mr Porter Founding Member account from you. We can discuss price. Please PM me or reply to the thread if you are willing to sell. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by penn1600 Free bump on absolutely gorgeous coats. If the size of navy was 38, I would not hesitate to pay the price... Man, I searched a lot, but couldn't find a coat like that from anywhere else... Can you get size 38 by any chance? Woodbury Commons Brunello outlet - you can find coats like this at this price or lower.
any scratches or dings not visible in the photos? are those small dings along the edge of the bezel? Can you provide a rating out of 10? i may be interested at this price level if it is dead mint
Quote: Originally Posted by linsook Its apparent your views are heavily influenced by where you currently are. I'm assuming in Guangdong somewhere. China, has over 20 provinces. the south consists of more than just GD. Could you explain how anyone who speaks Mandarn fluently and properly but not standard(s/sh, z/zh), would say the Taiwanese speak better or more 'Pure', when in fact they are both exactly the same? I would also dare to say, nobody in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing I don't really agree with a lot of what's been said here. Girls with any real taste appreciate quality, design, & style at that age. Why would you want to shag a girl who's dumb enough to like branded gucci/ralph? Are you being serious or did you not lose your v card until you were in college? Girls at that age could care less about a guy wearing a suit, let alone anything that you're wearing. It's so...
I believe that this change in return policy has means that gilt will no longer offer good items at good prices (if they ever did). Their prices are going to start going up now that they have to compensate for the cost of returns. I thought they were pretty bad before, they're only going to get worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kid Nickels mmmm... I'd have to respectfully disagree. My girlfriend is Taiwanese, living in Hong Kong and we've both spent much time in Taiwan, HK, and the mainland. I think the Taiwanese in general are much more, not only style-conscious and put-together, but also better looking in general overall. Her working theory is the polluted environment and the Chinese disregard for product & consumer safety and the general nouveau...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Not really, many Chinese millionaires I see, are brand whores and they would frequent the boutiques to buy branded stuff. You're just assuming that they're millionaires based on how they're dressed and what kind of cars they drive. There are MANY millionaires that you would overlook as poor because they wear sweats, etc. If you go down to any bank in China town and just look at how much cash gets...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand Billionaires also have young girlfriends. (many) young girlfriends
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