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Do you have the width of the ties?
I was typically a 41R but recently I got a new sports jacket (canali) and the person helping me out convinced me to go with a 42L. I'm athletically built -- about 185 pounds. Could that make the difference? I was a bit concerned with going to a long. I am 6'1 not 6 even. Any advice on where to pick up some ties?
Hi - I need to get some ties for work. I wear a 15.5/35 shirt, 33x33 pants, and a 42L jacket. I'm 6 foot tall. I saw these Drake ties being sold by a forum sponsor -- These ties come in two sizes 3.25x56 and 3.5x60. Which of these would be considered average for someone of my size? If anyone has any other suggestions on where to go shopping I'm in the NYC area. I am not looking to spend...
You could cook goat or lamb.
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