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New without tags, pockets still sealed as can be seen, 100% wool price includes shipping to US and Canada, international a bit more these retailed for like $700+, I have another grey pair that I wear often in the winter, but this pair has not been worn at all fits pretty true to size, nice relaxed fit with longer rise, but not drop crotch long, the thigh area thus fits a bit bigger than the measurements suggests hems have been finished for the inseam to be as long as...
Simple sweater, that's in great shape because I'm just selling stuff that does not get any wear. quite heavy for a 100% cotton knit, and thick as can be seen in the pictures only hung up for pictures +15 shipping to Canada, US+$25, international a lot more Shoulder: 17.5” P2p: 21.5” Back length from bottom of collar: 27” Sleeve length: 26” It’s pretty heavy so length will probably be slightly longer when worn than when I measured on a flat surface.
100% polypropylene, good condition, only hung up for pictures shipping to Canada $20, shipping to US $25 Shoulder: 18” P2p: 22” Back length from bottom of collar: 26” Sleeve length: 27” the body length seems a bit short measured lying flat, but stretches out a bit when worn because of the weight, the length is good on me (6'2") Price drop:$120 -> $110 -> $100 -> $90 -> $80 -> $70
really smooth and soft leather, great warm grey colour, price includes shipping to Canada or US, other international places will cost a bit more Shoulder: 18.5 P2p: 22.75” Back length from bottom of collar: 26.25” Sleeve length: 27.5” New without tags, no arm creases or anything as you can see price drop $800 -> $700 -> $600 -> $550 -> $530 -> $500 -> $475 -> $450 -> $425 -> $400 -> $375 Also will consider trades for cool stuff, like knits/jackets, in similar sizes
the margiela pull on boots fit very well with my jeans of 8" leg opening (ize 44 boots) with some room to spare, and yeah I didn't think pull on boots could be comfortable but they are, and they were very cheap before because not one bought them haha
yeah looking at the double rider first will prob work better, as for design, I agree with KJ that the one in the OP is good as is with minor adjustment to the sleeve zipper. Not a big fan of the collar tabs and body zippers on the other junya one and stock sizes with adjustments for lengths will be all that's needed IMO If we could get some black leather picture samples posted that would be great too, whatever the leather is on the junya collabs will be great actually
hypothetically this design posted in the original post [[SPOILER]] - non comp black chrome tanned horsehide ( I think someone said 2.5oz?)- extra zipper on the same arm parallel to the existing one, or a zipper on the bicep of the same armhow would that sound?
Add an extra zipper on the same arm parallel to the existing one? :P I think the black chrome tanned horsehide, with tartan body and rayon sleeve lining would be good
yeah I have noticed my veggy tanned boots change colour differently when soaked with water than my other ones (which I assume are chrome tanned),And the colour does look nice on whiskeys and natural colours, how much of a difference would that colour depth make for a black leather jacket though?Yeah I think chrome tanned would be better for the rain from what I've seen with my boots, and it rains often enough here to be a factor
what's the difference between the veg tanned and chrome tanned?I think the worn in pics of that junya x vanson rider is pretty good, whichever leather that one ishaha, looks nice, I don't know, maybe the leather and cut?
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