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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the quality of shirts from brands like Dries, KVA, jil, mmm, ann, and any thing about the fit would be great too, thanks
my size 44's fits slightly bigger than my 44 cp's, the soles are more rounded and do not taper as much in the forefoot area, and i think most people find cps longer relative to most sneakers
cool thanksaccidentally deleted part of my post, but also I was told there were a lot of size 40 to 43s left in both colours at eaton at 40 dollars
drew, any updates on the shearling?
snowman where there any navy blazers and pants left? and where did you get the heel taps done, i need a topy on these because the sole is just disintegrating
waaaiiit, there are size 45's? fuck i thought they topped out at 44's so these do fit tts? I would need a 45 i I have 44 in the normal MMM's?
fuck me, been thinking about getting a shearling this winter, this would be a nobrainermustcop
not sure if I'm posting in the right thread but..... I remember some of you guys were looking for the european (?) carhartt slim casual pants from the guy who posted a fit with them? There are a bunch of them up on yoox for sale
ya like 11 items in my dreambox were gone
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