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Cool thanks, this sounds good. I'm looking for a winter parka (so only dealing with snow) to wear over a thick sweater and I like how it is lighter than wool, and provided it would be of same warmth.
How does the felted polyester on that feel, with regards to Weight and thickness of it? Also is it lined at all, and if not is it itchy? Waterproof?
does anyone here know how Pierre Hardy foot wear fits? Specifically boots?
Does anyone here know how pierre hardy boots fit?
ben, depending on if it's slim or regular fit I have some size 50's, the slims are about 21.5 p2p and regulars are about 22.5" p2p, everything else is the same basically length is about 31", s2s 18.5", sleeve 26.5"
the buttero soles have more room in the toe area because it does not taper off as hard a s the cps, you can size down 0.5 from your cp size if you can't find your cp size, but cp size would be fine too
+1 for shoe goo on the ann sneakers, do it like this video at 2:25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pORX9Vtv0Zs, fixes the heels right up especially for those who don't like the feeling of taps and ceo I always wash linens just like cotton, they stretch back out pretty much immediately, wools can be hand washed/soak in cold water
check out the measurements on ssense, i find they are very accurate in measuring stuff
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the quality of shirts from brands like Dries, KVA, jil, mmm, ann, and any thing about the fit would be great too, thanks
my size 44's fits slightly bigger than my 44 cp's, the soles are more rounded and do not taper as much in the forefoot area, and i think most people find cps longer relative to most sneakers
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