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price includes shipping in Canada and US Green line measurement is 64 mm red line is 53 mm this retailed for like 600+
I vote for no yoke, split back
the comp leather is definitely very nice, but probably too heavy for most of us, the z150 sounds like a nice choice given it's the same smooth finish as the comp but also thinner and lighter.From what I see the firenze has more pronounced grain to it right? Any pictures of how the firenze ages? All the pics so far are of aged comp and z150 which I really liked with the smoother surface.Also are the leathers all dyed black through out? Some leathers show beige colours at...
How would you rank the leather quality of those four? And have you handled the Z150 leather also?
I looked on the vanson website for some info What is the difference between your competition weight leather and the medium weight Firenze leather? The Firenze (fuh-ren-zee) leather is cowhide that is approximately 1.mm thick. It has been tumbled to increase the softness and texture. It is very durable and strong and is more typical of the weight and feel of other industry standard leather. Our competition weight black cowhide is 1.4-1.5 mm thick and produced with a...
selling a size 52 baseball jacket, listing in my signature
just found these in my closet after sitting there for a while fits like 12D funky colour, great for spring and summer price includes shipping to US and Canada
shipping to canada is $25, and shipping to US is $35 Not getting any wear, this thing retailed for quite a bit 75% wool, 25% poly, 100% viscose lining, this is very very lightly padded colour is a very very dark grey Shoulder: 18.5” P2p: 23” Back length from bottom of collar: 27” Sleeve length: 27” go to this link and click full product details http://www.mrporter.com/intl/Shop/Clothing/Coats_and_Jackets/Bomber_Jackets?soldOutId=173223 Price drop: $90 -> $80 -> $70
NOTE THE BROKEN SNAP ON THE RIGHT EPAULETS, it looks fine from the outside, stitched together and cannot see the threads from the top, not worn often, just someone grabbed my shoulder and ripped the thing right off. TO CLARIFY, it's the metal part of the female snap that broke off, the fabric did not even start to rip. Yes you read that correctly, the metal broke before the fabric even started to tear. I lost part of the snaps but I've sewn the epaulet back down no...
price INCLUDES shipping to Canada and US stock size 52 grey baseball jacket Excellent condition, have not worn in the rain, only worn around campus Selling because the spring and fall seasons are too short and rainy in my college town to wear enough to justify keeping P2p: 22.7”
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