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ideally black, but other colours are fine, I need them asap for my summer internship, my aldos are not comortable enough for all day wear and obviously does not look as good, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by primetimeseano What does everyone think about buying used shoes on ebay? I really like the Allen Edmonds shoes that were recommended earlier but I just can't afford to pay full retail for them (about $400 here in Canada). I know my size because I went to the store and tried them on, so that's not a concern. If you don't think buying used is the right way to go, what's the best website to buy new from? i have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Found my white on gumsole sneaks. Adidas custom sneaker program. They have that beige color listed as white suede. I'm gonna email them and see if I can get the stripes in white leather. $115, not terrible. lol $115 for that, u must be joking
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash yea, this would be helpful. i have the navy vintage like that in size 41 if you're interested. On another note, deals: $155 desert boots for a size 44: $77 aluminum foil achilles low for a size 44: i had my credit card out, but the lows are size 43's
shit so many in my size, but dunno if i have my summer job locked up yet want the tan baseball the bomber and fishtail
Quote: Originally Posted by norcal_indy Looks like Gravity Pope has some... never ordered from there, though. why are the tournament highs always the cheapest one out of all the leather uppers?
Quote: Originally Posted by colabear I only participate in this forum for the process of learning and exchanging ideas. My outfits are by no means works of art, but just like a work of art, what I want a guy to get from my outfit pics is to maybe appreciate how I combined different styles together, the color scheme, etc. and learn from it or get something from it. Vice versa, I do learn a lot from many of you guys. in particular, aeglus' hair which I'm...
any sales going on? if so can someone pick some up and sell in b&s
Quote: Originally Posted by lemonade soda Get these if you have big feet, wish they had more sizes. wow thats still there? fuck 1 size too big
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin I bet they're the right length for mikey since they're too short for everyone else. No hate. really? hanes are long as fuk on me and I'm 6'1" and extra man, even hanes tees are better in the usa
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