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is there a difference in the sizing of captoes and achillies? and what do you size 11.5-12US guys wear?
zyzz said once himself that he trims and use the thinning scissors like pretty frequently, and he styles it with wax to give it the messy look lol @ title with zyzz btw, i thought i was on the misc for a second here
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin UPS. No duties, but I shipped it to my office. shit, alright thanks
canadian dood, how did yoox ship it? by ups?
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs my chest is like the hulk. lol. dude, 19" shoulder is true large. my medium jackets measure 19" in the front s2s and larges are 19.5" -20" oh nvm toj measures that way, yeah 19" is large
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one that 3rd DR is pretty gigantic that 3rd fits like a medium , shoulder wise
Quote: Originally Posted by mreggen My local dealer only has the achilles low woman sneakers. Does anyone know if they are any different from the mens at all? old SF FS thread with womans edition sole on the women's is thinner
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 Got these when on sale for about $35 wheres
Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum ysb linked me to some great lows in navy nubuck in size 46. 70% off or something, grabbed instantly. Much kudos to him for that. : where?
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin Ugh. 5 pairs of CP's and $1,200 later... if u are a size 12/45 canadian brother, tell me if some doesnt work out i've been traumatized by the UPS charging me extra $66 on a $20 item last year
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