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do the nylon mids run big or something? do you wear both?
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y yeah APC isn't the only denim that is vanity sized. My sz29 N&F WGs are certainly not fit for someone who is a true 29, even before stretching. weird guys are true to size ime, but then again i buy jeans to fit my legs not waist
Quote: Originally Posted by transient This thread has been pretty uninspiring. I'm looking to get a mid top sneaker who's silhouette isn't slim but also not too chunky. Want something in black/dark/gray preferably with some kind of blue detailing. Less than $150. I'm at a loss. Might just pick something up from Supra or Heyday http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...eakers&s=C&d=h oh nvm you want mid tops
bumps, thanks again
PaulYAY, awesome seller. Product arrived within the week, and in even better condition than I thought, also refunded me $10 without me asking due to overestimating the shipping costs.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I agree with you with the black multi-panel KVA's but in those white version, they work as a nice spring/summer shoe. I actually prefer these because of the contrasting panels and lacing Whatever123, if you mean where to get the KVAs, forwardforward has them for 500.4
are the weird guys indigo or deep indigo?
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 I wore black leather low top chucks for almost my entire Europe trip. Didn't have a problem. Why does everybody (Americans) think that you need fucking New Balance or Asics if they're going to be walking everyday? because chucks are really uncomortable, unless your feet are flat as a board i guess
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade Thanks, man! Wondering if these are worth it at the price, especially considering that they'll run about $280 after shipping. A bit hard to swallow after seeing that great Yoox sale just a few weeks ago and knowing that mf picked up the same shoes for $150, but I suppose I'll bite. Does anybody know if all Achilles are made of nappa leather? I thought I read something about just the white+green colorway being made...
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Don't pay attention to the peeps making fun of your thighs. I think they are a fabulous size. Tired of all the skinny chopstick legs i see. her thighs look a bit too skinny in that pic actually, need to skwat
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