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how do they treat the leather with rubber?
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you now the CP lows in 42 and 43 are the same. I wonder if the sole lengths change each season. perhaps there was a time when they were skewed from the actual foot they fit into and the producer of the soles or the shoe rectified it their labeling. Myabe people are measuring differently i drew lines tangent to the heel and to the toe and measured the shortest distance between the lines, some may have measured...
Quote: Originally Posted by coco2010 brb, putting my pair up for sale in b&s in a week or so, cuz thats how long it'll still take for em to get to me. asking for tree fiddy. Nah, I just hope I got the sizing down. I really want the fockers. people who are half sizes fits in cps the best i think, I'm size 12 and 45 are a bit loose and 44's are a bit snug
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 my buddy actually has those and I'm thinking about buying from him. and yeah, I think those are the same ones he had. wow. lol the same one margiela311 is selling?
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Not really to be honest. I believe he's the one grasping with his constant cussing. I'm actually making valid points with almost all my postings. dawg just stop wasting your time with the guy, there's a pair of vintage black achillies on yoox right now in size 41 if you want it
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 I just find the thought of somebody actually calling me a 'dumb fuck' to my face quite amusing. you're probably angry as fuk right now lol, or you wouldn't keep responding to him
Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty yeah they are the OTW, saw a couple of pairs in person and really like the sole construction as well. as far as overall quality they seem sturdier but will have to put in somewhere to break it in and see. also, i had to size up one whole shoe size for these (size 9 -> 10) whats your size in chucks or CPs
fuk do these all fit tts? i wish they were all 45's what is the long form of the COS brand? I can't find any info on it
do the nylon mids run big or something? do you wear both?
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y yeah APC isn't the only denim that is vanity sized. My sz29 N&F WGs are certainly not fit for someone who is a true 29, even before stretching. weird guys are true to size ime, but then again i buy jeans to fit my legs not waist
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