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Quote: Originally Posted by lemonade soda Get these if you have big feet, wish they had more sizes. wow thats still there? fuck 1 size too big
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin I bet they're the right length for mikey since they're too short for everyone else. No hate. really? hanes are long as fuk on me and I'm 6'1" and extra man, even hanes tees are better in the usa
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr My size too but way overpriced. Seller's dumb. And please, ffs, whoever's a 45 in CPs kop those balenciagas in the link I posted above. Same ones as these. i am 45 in cps but those don't look as great as u guys make it sound
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Being entertained is one thing, but paying money, driving to an arena and sitting in a crowd full of drunk idiots so you can watch it is another. Albeit, it really doesn't entertain me that much either, even if it's free. I don't get much pleasure from watching people run up and down a basketball court trying to throw a ball into a bucket. I have enjoyed boxing, to a limited extent, and I do enjoy certain athletic...
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne It's not by mail. Forgot if it was FedEx or UPS to Canada. fuk brokerage fees...
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Not really, I went TTS for a pair of chinos and they fit loose. Should probably size down, but I'm not sure if it's that way for all the pieces. The standard ASOS line is nearer to H&M, but ASOS Black is better. what shipping method do they use? I like their free worldwide shipping, but not if its not by mail lol
Quote: Originally Posted by madmadigan Not sure if I'm a 44 or 45.... I've been told most likely 44, but just not sure. I think my arch is long? Not sure if that makes sense, but think that's what I've been told when measured. Anyway, I usually am a true US 11.5 on left foot, right foot is a tiny bit smaller, but always got to buy for the bigger foot. Anyway some examples of what I've worn in what sizes. Sperry boat shoe/chukka 11.5 Nike...
hmm green is tempting, only one in my size too
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Dude the boot is like 700+ retail. Grab em! i would if it was size 45, i can go with that, size 46 will most likely be 2 sizes too big because boots run hooooge
Quote: Originally Posted by Kagemusha A 45 CP or a real 45? CP officer boots run at least 1 size big in the smaller sizes (more so than Achilles), I'm not sure if 46 in the officer boots becomes closer to real size or if it is the same. Maybe somebody can lend some knowledge? I'm size 12 us and I fit inbetween size 44 and size 45, but i prefer size 45 because i don't like snug shoes (but i still have a size 44 hope it stretches...
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